e-Militia.com Officially Launched!

Posted by on March 26, 2018 9:37 pm

On the Friday night edition of The Pete Santilli Show, Pete announced the launch of e-Militia.com with Paula Crowder-Calloway.   Recently, Santilli has been commenting about negative press coverage of members of the Patriot Community who are predominantly Christian American Patriots.

“The Associated Press recently published a news article regarding ‘militia headed to the border’ to head off the migrant caravan coming out of South America.   At the top of the article, there was a picture of a not-so-flattering militia member wearing scary clothing and an AR-15 at low ready next to a ‘Bundy Melons” sign.  The truth of the matter is that American family members are very concerned about the massive invasion of illegal immigrants promulgated by the Obama Administration over the past 10 years, and they’re very supportive of President Trump’s stance on stopping it once and for all.  The picture of a rough looking militia member is not truly representative of the 63 million patriotic American family members who voted for President Trump.  I’m disgusted by the main stream media’s negative portrayal of American Patriots and I’m determined to do something about it as a member of the Independent Media — the true free press.”