Posted: November 17, 2018
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Pence quashes Trump rift reports

Following a New York Times report that suggested Trump was privately questioning the loyalty of his deputy, Pence told reporters in Port Moresby that they had still had a good rapport.

"I'm just tempted not to dignified it with a comment," he said after a pause, adding that the pair had spoken by phone and "it came up."

"We had a good laugh," said Pence. "We've got a very strong relationship."

"I've been honoured to serve as his vice president, I was honoured when he asked me to run with him."

The New York Times said Trump has taken to asking several advisors whether the vice president is loyal -- which they say is usually a sign he has "grown irritated" with someone, according to the paper.

Trump has not openly suggested dropping Pence from the ticket with the 2020 presidential election rapidly approaching, the New York Times stressed.

But according to the paper, some advisors have suggested Trump could benefit from a running mate who would help him win support from women.

via The Nation

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