Mexicans Agree With Trump, Call Migrant Caravan an “Invasion”

Posted by on November 19, 2018 7:03 pm
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Multiple videos of protests in Tijuana Mexico show demonstrators agreeing with President Trump that the migrant caravan represents an “invasion,” with protesters demanding the migrants go home.

Almost 3,000 Central American migrants have congregated in the Mexican border city, prompting hundreds of Mexican citizens to hit the streets.

Waving Mexican flags and chanting “Out! Out!” protesters are calling the caravan an “invasion” while asserting “We don’t want them in Tijuana.”

The use of the word “invasion” by demonstrators is interesting given that President Trump has been bashed by the media for using the same term.

In another video, a man is seen holding a sign that reads “no to the invasion”.

Mexicans have also expressed concern about criminals amongst the migrant groups, while one woman complained that they were merely there for “handouts”.

Another clip shows demonstrators chanting “Out Hondurans! We don’t want you here!”

Yesterday, Trump quoted the Mayor of Tijuana who said that his city was not prepared to handle the migrant wave.

Authorities have estimated that up to 10,000 migrants could arrive in the city once other caravans arrive.

As we previously reported, there are a number of MS-13 gang members amongst the caravan, while “About 80 percent” of those in the migrant caravan “are men under the age of 35,” according to Fox News.


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