Video: Trump Supporters Attacked by Crazed Leftist During CNN Protest

Posted by on November 19, 2018 11:42 pm
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A new video shows a crazed leftist assaulting a group of Trump supporters during a protest outside CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta on Saturday.

The clip shows Trump supporters standing near an intersection holding protest signs demonstrating against “fake news”. Some are holding Trump flags while another is holding an American flag.

A young man is then seen running across the road towards the group while flailing his fists.


He appears to punch one of the protesters before being pushed to the ground. One of the protesters backs him off by threatening to pepper spray him.

The man then gets up and begins screaming incoherently while he continues to confront the protesters.

“Stand back or you’re gonna be pepper sprayed,” warns one of the Trump supporters.

After a police officer arrives on the scene, the culprit starts denying that he assaulted the group, despite it being caught on camera.

“You assaulted him, it was all on film,” asserts the Trump supporter.

“Shut up! Go to hell!” screams the culprit.

The victim of the assault, a man from from Clayton County, Georgia, decided against pressing charges, but the attacker was arrested and booked by Atlanta police for disorderly conduct.

A Breitbart compendium of violent attacks and examples of harassment directed to Trump supporters or Trump administration officials currently numbers 639 since it was last updated on November 5.


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