Conservative Journalist Laura Loomer Now Suspended For 30 Days By Facebook

Posted by on November 23, 2018 1:20 pm
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Twitter permanently suspended conservative journalist Laura Loomer on Wednesday night, and now she gets more bad news.

For reasons unknown, Facebook has suspended Loomer for 30 days. I’ve been in this situation before and currently, I have been shut down from monetizing my work on Facebook.

Here is the message that Loomer received from Facebook that he gave to Jack Posobiec so he could let her followers know what was happening with her account.

I just searched and found that Laura still has her YouTube account for now.

The one thing about Facebook that is different from Twitter is they will not give you a reason for your removal. You will log on to your account and find a message indicating your privileges are gone for a certain amount of days. Twitter usually gives you the tweet that got you into trouble, according to their rules.

As we have seen, dissent is not allowed anymore from our side. More important when supported by facts and against a government and their hierarchy. They will get some people thinking, and they speak to others. Soon a movement has been spawned. Changes are very threatening to tyrants and their command structure.

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There is a reason by free speech has restrictions and limitation: tyranny.
The First Amendment is very clear about Free Speech, nowhere is the word “except” mentioned within the amendment.

Loomer is not blameless in all this mess. She has been heavy-handed with her criticisms but if these social media platforms are built for “free speech,” they have to let her continue or they are hypocrites. I understand it is their platform and they built it, so if the rules are for a specific sect of American users, it’s better to just say that than to play games.

Twitter Suspends Investigative Journalist Laura Loomer


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