Posted: November 30, 2018
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Klayman Discusses Corsi Criminal Complaint v. Mueller

29729.  Susan of North Carolina•26m

29728.  Anthony Cacao of California•2h

29727.  JM Donovan of Colorado•5h

Why is the FBI not properly investigating
Democrat corruption???

29726.  Diane of Florida•9h

29725.  Susan Miller of New York•9h

This has gone on long enough. Why isnt anyone investigating Muekers criminal background !!!! God Bless J.W

29724.  Tim of Ohio•15h

29723.  Irene of Minnesota•16h

29722.  Katie Mehall of Arizona•17h

29721.  Cece of Minnesota•17h

Get rid of mueller and his coupe of anti-American criminals who use the law to destroy their political enemies.

29720.  Autumn Rimi of New York•19h

29719.  Cerdan Abellira of Hawaii•Nov 29

This witch hunt has gone on long enough! Stop wasting our tax dollars on nothing but a deep state political Demonrats agenda to hide the real curuption!

29718.  John Burris of Pennsylvania•Nov 29

29717.  MR& MRS BILL WINN of California•Nov 28



29716.  Anne of New York•Nov 28

29715.  Barbie lee Du Pree of Pennsylvania•Nov 27

Muellers appt is illegitimate and he should made to resign!

29714.  David Couch of Ohio•Nov 27

This entire special council is nothing but Global Elitists of both parties that desire this great nation to indoctrinate the socialist movement! Electing Hillary Clinton as Potus would have the end of the peoples' US Constitution & Bill of Rights. I truly believe the socialist agenda would have gone

"Full Steam Ahead" with that anti-American at the helm! Instead of one hurdle to overcome, now the Elitists have three hurdles to overcome: the US Constitution, the conservative American-First, God- following President Trump, and the American loving Patriots across this great nation. This socialist puppet Mueller is 'bought and paid for' and using the tax-payers money to aid in the movement discredit all three factors standing in the Elitists success. This witch-hunt of an investigation is a vise to work against America's best interests!

29713.  robert spencer of Georgia•Nov 27

good luck

29712.  Karen of North Carolina•Nov 27

29711.  Nannette of Nevada•Nov 26

29710.  Peter Meis of Arizona•Nov 26

29709.  Aurelia of California•Nov 26

29708.  Cheryl of Utah•Nov 26

29707.  Asana Beckem of Nevada•Nov 25

he should be indicted for leaks and subverting people rights in previous dealings with the public (investigations)

29706.  Karen J Greeson of Florida•Nov 25

29705.  charles ellem of (Non-U.S.)•Nov 25

It is difficult to comprehend the reasoning of people attempting to frustrate the will of a large percentage of the population and a President who is doing his best to resurrect America's world leader status.

29704.  Frank D Materia of Pennsylvania•Nov 24

I really think Mueller is a very -very BAD person -- one of Soros's punk - enough is enough we have way too many things need fixing in our country and President Trump is trying to fix them and these very very bad people keep doing very bad things to obstruct getting these things done--- Not one o

f these dirty low lives work 90 hours a week -- do not take a salary -not going to get a pension--70 years and people are release from N K -
we are getting things made in America and many more things are being done for the good of we the people of America- and these were all done by PRESIDENT Trump --what have the rest of people in government done for we American -- Nancy -Chuck - and all the low live democrats -- GOD Bless every one to do THE RIGHT THING _ WORK WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP

29703.  Yvette D.Hooper of Ohio•Nov 24

29702.  Edward of North Carolina•Nov 24

29701.  RayBratcher of Tennessee•Nov 24

No option ; impeach Roberts for extreme misrepresentation of truths ( fake News)pat of rancid Deep State)

29700.  Ronald Brosius of New Jersey•Nov 24

They should all be thrown in jail, for the injustice that they have done to our country.

29699.  Dwight Bakker of Iowa•Nov 24

29698.  Hany of Oregon•Nov 23

Stop this disgraceful fiasco investigation led by the rotten Mueller and his rotten team of corrupt prosecutors and let them know that neither them nor millions like them can even shake The Great American President Trump.

29697.  Eileen of Florida•Nov 23

29696.  Suzy Ravitch of Tennessee•Nov 23

29695.  Michael of Texas•Nov 23

Mueller is too biased to be in this role.

29694.  Kevin Caldon of Connecticut•Nov 23

Matthew 12:25 King James Version (KJV)
25 And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand: God Bless.

29693.  Lee Potter of Illinois•Nov 23

29692.  Lyn of North Carolina•Nov 23

29691.  Judy W. Proli of Florida•Nov 23

29690.  Michael of New Hampshire•Nov 21

Long overdue!!

29689.  Michael & LeeAnn Springer of Arkansas•Nov 21

29688.  Jim Hudson of Washington•Nov 21

29687.  Sheila of California•Nov 21

Enough is Enough....end this stupidity!

29686.  Jim Hayes of Illinois•Nov 21

Mueller is a parasite on our government He’s got nothing and is destroying our President

29685.  Glenn of Utah•Nov 21

29684.  Andy of Wisconsin•Nov 21

29683.  Michael P Castro of Florida•Nov 21

Make balls out of brass again. Let's go!

29682.  Dr and Mrs. Eddie White of Oklahoma•Nov 21

29681.  mike ryan of Texas•Nov 21

29680.  Theodore D Anderson of Michigan•Nov 21

Please appoint Mr. Klayman to take care of business PLEASE

29679.  Daniel of Texas•Nov 21

29678. of Texas•Nov 21

29677.  Michael Richards of New York•Nov 21

Enough Mueller Deep State Witch Hunt

29676.  Grady Deal PhD DC of North Carolina•Nov 21

remove the traitor

29675.  Karla golbaharnewbill of California•Nov 21

29674.  Mary of Alabama•Nov 20

29673.  Jason Murphy of Colorado•Nov 20

29672.  Teresa Radsick of California•Nov 20

29671.  Kenneth of Florida•Nov 20

29670.  gina mindock of Massachusetts•Nov 20

29669.  Benjamin C Wolfe of New Mexico•Nov 20

29668.  Hany Nagib of Oregon•Nov 20

End this Mueller witch hunt

29667.  Janet Hurst of Missouri•Nov 19

29666.  Mike of Wisconsin•Nov 19

Waste of tax dollars, investigate a real crime, Hitlary with money for uranium from Russia.

29665.  phyllis brown of Washington•Nov 18

Why can't Trump go to the Supreme Court (Kavanaugh) rather than to this lame judge?

29664.  Judy of Florida•Nov 18

29663. of Texas•Nov 18

29662.  Steve jarvis of Rhode Island•Nov 18

29661.  James Jackson of Indiana•Nov 18

29660.  Sharon of California•Nov 17

Larry is right. This country is on a downward spiral.
I live in Orange County, Calfornia and it used to be a Republican stronghold. Not one Republican won in this last election. That has not happened in more than 75 years. We need to pray for the strong leaders that are trying to do the right th

ing. I'm really sorry that Jim Jordan didn't get minority leader. I don't trust "phony McCarthy". He's a Swamper.

29659.  Daniel Kiaser of Washington•Nov 17

Mueller's special Counsel is being used to stop Our President from exposing all the crimes and evil that they (the swamp) have orchestrated to kill America and our Constitution. Mueller is part of the Evil Globalist agenda, and is controlled / directed by the Traitors of the Clinton and Soro's Crimi

nal Cartel to bring down President Trump (at all cost) too prevent exposing zall those who are involved in the overthrow of the United State Constitution and America.
We the People Call On President Trump to Remove Robert Mueller as Special Counsel and to Appoint Larry Klayman to Investigate the Clinton Email, Uranium One, and Fusion GPS Scandals! We Also Support Freedom Watch's Lawsuit to Remove Mueller

29658.  stan frisbie of Florida•Nov 17

If they are guilty give them 30 days in the electric chair.

29657.  Mark of New York•Nov 17

Mueller is an SES beaurocrat - a swamp creature and a disease to the Republic. Can't wait to see why he stonewalled the investigation of 911. The death tolls in California seem to be more than mother nature. 911 was not an insurgency of terrorists from abroad. The terrorists came from a small concla

ve of Government officials whos primary objective is gold, power, and godless killing. Mueller will eventually meet my master. What to do, what to do - life is so short.

29656.  Josh Birbari of Washington•Nov 17

29655.  Dino of Texas•Nov 17

29654.  Joseph of Pennsylvania•Nov 17

29653.  Herman furlong of Missouri•Nov 17

Why is no one in congress attempting to have the communist control law of 1954 enforced against the communist in our congress!this law signed by President Eisenhower on aug 24 1954 prohibits communist or members of affialite groups such as the democrat socialist party from sitting in congress!

29652.  Franklin R.Perez of Guam•Nov 17

This convoluted circus of a special prosecutor, Mueller, with conflicted background with deep state operatives Comey, Rosenstein, Page, Lynch, Mills, HRC, etal., is anethema to justice and the rule of law.

29651. of Indiana•Nov 16

Can’t depend on the Deep State to investigate or indict one of their own!

29650.  Jose Rosario of Florida•Nov 16

We the People Call On President Trump and Attorney General Sessions to Appoint Larry Klayman as Special Counsel to Investigate the Clinton Email, Uranium One, and Fusion GPS Scandals! We Also Support Freedom Watch's Suit to Remove Robert Mueller as Special Counsel

29649.  Norman Taylor of Florida•Nov 16

29648. of Florida•Nov 16

They are taken our country over right in front of us and we sit around doing nothing. Our President is helping thousand of children and no one knows it. He is doing a great job for all in the country and we buy the newsprint and media that totally disrespect our choice and his ability. It’s one m

an against the whole world.

29647.  Renee of Pennsylvania•Nov 15


29646.  David Raphael of Georgia•Nov 14

29645.  Alan Spinks of Texas•Nov 14

Actually surprised and livid my tax dollars are paying for this fraudulent witch hunt led by Mueller. I am angry the law does not apply equally to the Clintons, Obamas & Bushes for many provable crimes! This is all about the NWO (huge threat) which hijacked the Democratic Party & is hell bent on a O

ne World Government & Agenda21

29644.  Gabriela grama of Illinois•Nov 14

29643.  Laurel of Virginia•Nov 14

29642.  michelle of Florida•Nov 14

29641.  GINETTE COHEN of California•Nov 14

The President has to take executive orders to stop this machination against him. IT is enough. The Blue Wave is threatening our sovereignty and our Freedom. The new generation is indoctrinated by the globalism and big government with fake promises.

29640.  Joan wentworthe of Tennessee•Nov 14

29639.  Mark of Pennsylvania•Nov 14

God speed.

29638.  Tank Silat of Utah•Nov 13

Although anonymous, I adore you I am a genuine citizen of the USA. Mueller should have been revised for his previous Isometrics with Russia and Uranium One. Get him out and put this legitimate attorney in and let's start draining the swamp of the real rats trying to steer this country!

29637.  Alfred Heyer of Pennsylvania•Nov 13

29636.  Irene Richeson of Florida•Nov 13

May God bless you and this nation

29635.  Dawn DeSmedt of Illinois•Nov 12

29634.  Silke of (Non-U.S.)•Nov 12

29633.  Reynard E Martin of Tennessee•Nov 11

29632.  Jesse Brandenburger of Michigan•Nov 11

If Hillary Clinton can and does get away with Treason, with, "I didn't know I was doing anything wrong", after Cable Gate, as her only defense. Then it is okay for me or any other American to go rob a bank, steal a car, commit fraud, or any other illegal act and just claim ignorance!
The Government

is there to protect the People not corrupt government officials!!!

29631.  Kenneth Hester of North Carolina•Nov 10

29630.  Brian Keith Arnold Jr of North Carolina•Nov 10

It’s time to stop the Clintons


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