Posted: November 30, 2018
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Mueller Eyes Ivanka and Don Jr.'s Work on Trump Tower Moscow...That Was Never Even Built


SHUT IT DOWN NOW: Mueller Eyes Ivanka and Don Jr.’s Work on Trump Tower Moscow…That Was Never Even Built

Cristina Laila
by Cristina Laila
November 29, 2018

President Trump must go on offense and put an end to Robert Mueller’s unconstitutional witch hunt unless he wants to watch his entire family frog-marched into prison for non-crimes.

Robert Mueller, the crooked cop who believes he’s King of the US and roves around with no oversight, is now eyeing Ivanka Trump and Don Jr.’s work on a Trump Tower in Moscow–that was never even built.

Even more ridiculous, a source told Yahoo News that Ivanka and Don Jr.’s efforts to build a Trump Tower in Moscow began several years before Michael Cohen’s project and ended in 2013.

Yahoo reported:
Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into President Trump’s efforts to build a skyscraper in Moscow has led him to ask questions about the role two of the president’s children played in attempting to secure a Russian real estate deal, sources tell Yahoo News.

Mueller’s charging documents against Cohen included a line that described the Trump family’s involvement in the project. According to Mueller, one of the things Cohen lied about was that he “briefed family members” of Trump’s who worked at the Trump Organization about the proposed Moscow skyscraper. Prior to joining the White House, Ivanka was an executive at the company. Don Jr. and Trump’s middle son, Eric, remain with the Trump Organization.

A spokesperson for the special counsel’s office declined to comment on this story. Cohen and his attorney, Guy Petrillo, did not respond to requests for comment, nor did lawyers representing the president.

A source familiar with the Trump Organization confirmed to Yahoo News that Ivanka and Don Jr. engaged in separate efforts to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. The source said these efforts began “years earlier” than Cohen’s project and concluded in 2013.

“They were not looking at any other deals after that,” the source said.

The source also confirmed that both Ivanka and Don Jr. were aware of Cohen’s attempts to build in Moscow. According to the source, Ivanka’s role was limited to recommending an architect and Don Jr. was only “peripherally” aware of the plan.

A Trump Tower was never built in Moscow and even if Trump built a tower in Moscow, it is not against the law.

Robert Mueller is dragging Trump’s associates into hours-long interrogations to catch them in perjury traps. None of his indictments so far have anything to do with so-called Russian collusion.

Russian collusion isn’t even a crime so Mueller can only charge Trump’s associates with making false statements after he ambushes them with KGB-style tactics.

Mr. President, shut down the Mueller witch hunt and go on offense now before it’s too late.




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via The Gateway Pundit

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