Posted: December 2, 2018
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CDC Caught Flying Diseased Caravan Migrants Into U.S. for Medical Treatment | Right of the Right

Aside from the “Jewish controlled medical industrial complex” paragraph, I believe that this is a very important issue as described here, which will affect every man, woman, and child in America, regardless of any political affiliation.

You should see the mess already festering in Minnesota NOW!

We have an 80% share of the measles outbreak for the entire United States population, and we are only a State of 5 million people. The Somali community only represent 2% of our population, THUS FAR..

Between 2003 and 2017 there have been almost 3,000 cases of active, and DRUG RESISTANT, Tuberculosis diagnosed in Minnesota, and counting…and spreading.. The cost to treat just one case is approximately $20,000.. People are already dying here..

Then, there are the additional 18 diseases identified, spilling over our borders, and being imported to Minnesota via the Refugee Resettlement Program(s). …Active TB – HIV Aids – polio – cholera – scabies – leprosy – and many others..

A little clue? Outside of the country of Somalia, Minnesota has the largest concentrated population of Somali’s in the entire world, and the impact felt here has been, and continues to be astonishing. This is no longer Minnesota I came to 47 years ago.. This is no longer a safe place in which to live..

..Increased “Bizarro World” style crime and violence, previously only witnessed in 3rd and 4th world fundamentalist terrorist and violence ridden countries (far too many to categorize here). …Scam after scam, and the breaching of our “social services system(s)”, costing Minnesota taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars EACH YEAR (well over 1/2 Billion Dollars annually in the aggregate).

– AND, then there is “secondary migration” stampeding toward Minnesota today as well, coming from other states by the busload, where “welfare systems” have been severely curtailed or cut off completely, especially NOW, post this last election cycle here in November (ALL Minnesota Constitutional Officers & Offices – the Minnesota Courts – most Minnesota Law enforcement – have been compromised) will insure their “protected class” status, and “occupation” (colonization) of all Minnesota cities and towns, will be complete. Many are already completely under water in this regard.

In short, “Checkmate”!

This will bury this place in “red ink”, and embrace as well as a whole host of additional disastrous impact points, not the least of which is the communicable disease factor; some remarkably lethal. ..Body bags and hospital beds are unnecessarily being filled here today, and for a variety of reasons..

This is anything but “Minnesota Nice”, and the Minnesota body politic, and “Public Authority” DO NOT CARE.. Sacrificing all of us at the altar of phony “diversity” claims, as the real objective is hidden; ..Money – Power – Votes.. To these people, we Minnesotans are collateral damage..

We are expendable..

Have a Nice Day..

via Right of the Right

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