UN Linked ‘Extremism Expert’ Says Trump Could Command Supporters To Turn Violent

Posted by on December 3, 2018 3:32 pm
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A leftist extremism ‘analyst’ with ties to the UN has suggested that President Trump may call for violence, and that if he did, his supporters would follow the call to arms diligently.

“If he [Trump] called for violence, there would be violence,” J.M Berger told SiriusXM Progress host Dan Obeidallah.


Berger is an Associate Fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalization, a left leaning think tank that collaborates with various agencies of the United Nations.

Berger, who also has ties to leftist think tank The Brookings Institution, has written for PoliticoThe Atlantic and Foreign Policy.

“I think that is a pretty easy call,” Berger added, referring to the question of whether Trump could lead a call to arms.

“Where that puts him on the spectrum in between extremism and authoritarianism is a little more complicated.” Berger continued.

“I will not make the direct comparison, but if you look at somebody like Hitler, he had a very well developed extremist ideology he was advancing,” Berger added, making a direct comparison between Hitler and Trump despite saying he wasn’t doing that in the same sentence.

“It was very specific … we don’t have that with Trump.” Berger contended.

“I think history will probably end up looking at him as an authoritarian who attempted to use extremism to his advantage,” Berger concluded, adding “But there is still a lot that could happen.”



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