Clinton Pal Jeffrey Epstein, sexual abuser of dozens of girls, settles case, apologizes; FBI Informant Walks Free – True Pundit

Posted by on December 4, 2018 11:58 pm
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What? You thought a Clinton Cartel member would stand trial?

And run the risk of exposing the Clintons?

Not a chance, folks.

A trial that could have allowed the victims of serial molester Jeffrey Epstein to finally tell their stories from a witness stand was aborted Tuesday when it was announced in court that the case had been settled.

It ended with an apology — not to the dozens of women who were sexually abused by Epstein as underage girls, but to the lawyer who represented them.

Epstein was also, for years, feeding intelligence to the FBI in return for not being investigated and prosecuted.

There is also a monetary settlement, which is undisclosed. READ MORE:

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