Posted: December 4, 2018
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Rand Paul Rages: "The Deep State Is Trying To Run Congress"


CIA Director Gina Haspel briefed leaders of multiple Senate committees Tuesday about the October murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

But Senator Rand Paul believes Haspel should share the CIA's findings with all members of Congress.

Paul, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, exclaimed:
“To my mind this is the very definition of the deep state..."

“The deep state is that the intelligence agencies do things, conclude things, make conclusions but then the elected officials are prevented from knowing about this.”

Paul argued that if lawmakers aren't allowed to have access to the intelligence community's conclusions, then they can't provide oversight.
“If we aren’t told about this and I’m not allowed to know about these conclusions, then I can’t have oversight,” he said.

“And so then state grows, the intelligence, the deep state grows and has more and more power.”

“I’ve read in the media that the CIA has said with high confidence that the crown prince was involved with killing Khashoggi,” Paul continued.

“I have not seen that intelligence nor have I even seen the conclusions. And today there’s yet another briefing and I’m being excluded. So really, this is the deep state at work … that your representatives don’t know what is going on in the intelligence agencies.”

We would be watching our back a little more than normal Senator Paul - truth like this is not acceptable in today's America.

via Zero Hedge

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