World Bank Nominee David Malpass Gives First Interview…

Posted by on February 7, 2019 1:16 pm
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What is the difference between helping nations like Venezuela rebuild, and “nation building” in the derogatory sense — as we failed to do in Iraq, Afghanistan? I realize the “architectural goals” of Obama/Hillary, et al were not the same as those operating by the Trump doctrine of supporting national sovereignty, but what are the principles that should guide assisting nations in recovery?

If the military started slaughtering citizens – In Venezuela, Somalia, South Africa, Yemen — at what point would we intervene? These are puzzling questions I have.

It appears the globalists set things up to use tarriffs, law differences, labor differences, to maximize their individual profit (and keep lobbying/controlling power with appropriate legislators).

Good questions on Trishs’ part regarding sanctions vs holders of debt. Goal is to produce growth from within Venezuela. Dealing with corruption. Hard to do that without imposing a police state to replace the current police state.


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