Posted: May 6, 2019
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LEFTIST THUG WITH CHAINSAW Threatens "Oregon Women for Trump" Highway Protesters with US Flags (VIDEO)

LEFTIST THUG WITH CHAINSAW Threatens “Oregon Women for Trump” Highway Protesters with US Flags (VIDEO)

Jim Hoftby Jim HoftMay 6, 2019

The “Oregon Women for Trump” group held a highway overpass rally on the Harlow Road overpass on Sunday in Oregon.
The women for Trump group brought US flags and MAGA signs to wave at drivers as they went by.

Unfortunately, this was too much for the local leftists.
Antifa thugs organized a counter mob to attack the Women for Trump protesters.

The antifa protesters blared horns and chanted insults at the Women for Trump supporters.

The leftist Antifa mob wore masks. Even their children wore masks.

Only one side covered their faces.

And one antifa thug brought a chainsaw to threaten the women.

According to our source at the rally, “He got really close to some of us waving that thing.”

Here’s another photo of the leftist thug with the chainsaw.


Police were called in to keep the groups separated — because the antifa protesters were threatening violence.

One of the pro-Trump protesters wrote Gateway Pundit this morning, “Jim, the thing is we do these flag waves all the time, just to support the President and celebrate our great country, we’ve never had a problem. But apparently antifa caught wind of this one.”

Local media covered the rally and counter-protesters titled, “Protesters clash in Springfield after pro-Trump rally turns hostile.”

They make it sound like the women for Trump protesters were violent.
And they call us fake news?

Hat Tip Lesley R. for the photos and to Carol Leek for organizing this and other rallies for Trump!


via The Gateway Pundit

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