Netanyahu Vows “Massive Retaliatory Strikes” To Continue As 600 Rockets Fired From Gaza

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Following a reported five hour long Israeli security cabinet meeting on Sunday, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have been instructed to continue conducting strikes across Gaza — this in response to a stunning approximate 600 rockets fired towards southern and central Israel by Hamas and Islamic Jihad since Saturday morning.


Saturday IDF air strikes on Gaza City, AP Photo


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said “massive attacks against terrorist elements” are to continue to his weekly Cabinet meeting. “Hamas bears the responsibility not only for its own attacks and actions but also for the actions of Islamic Jihad, and it is paying a very heavy price for this,” he added.

Israel has responded with some 260 airstrikes on Gaza, according to the IDF, resulting in 17 Palestinians killed, including militants and civilians, with the death toll mounting.

The Palestinian health ministry blamed Israeli attacks on Saturday for the killing of a one-year old baby and the child’s pregnant mother in Gaza, however which the IDF disputed, claiming the deaths were due to a Hamas rocket misfiring.

Schools and businesses remained close across southern Israel, with much of the population within range of Hamas rockets in the south seeking bomb shelters.

CNN has cited three Israelis killed as rockets continue to rain down unabated, citing Israeli rescue and hospital officials.

A 58-year old Israeli man whose house was hit by a rocket was the first death by Gaza rocket fire since the end of the 2014 war. Other Israeli civilians have been reported critically injured as the numbers of Hamas direct hits on Israeli residential buildings are rising.

Meanwhile, the IDF has claimed a successful strike on a Hamas operative it says was known for transferring Iranian money to terror groups inside the strip.

Currently there appears no end in sight to the violence, as both sides have vowed to sustain and ramp up the attacks.

The UN and Egypt said they are attempting to mediate a ceasefire – so far these attempts through the weekend have failed, however.

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