Posted: May 14, 2019
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Democrats should be Quite Worried... AG Barr Must Think Something Criminal Happened (VIDEO)

John Yoo on Bill Barr’s Announcement: Democrats should be Quite Worried… AG Barr Must Think Something Criminal Happened (VIDEO)

Former Deputy Assistant US Attorney General in the Office of Legal Counsel John Yoo joined Laura Ingraham on The Ingraham Angle on Monday night.

Earlier tonight Attorney General Bill Barr assigned top special prosecutor John Durham to investigate the origins of the Russia probe.

John Durham, a US Attorney in Connecticut will examine the origins of Spygate according to a new report by The New York Times, citing two sources familiar with the matter.

John Yoo told Laura Democrats should be very worried tonight.

John Yoo: If I were the Democrats I would be quite worried. And the reason why is by appointing a US attorney Attorney General Barr is essentially signaling that he thinks it’s possible that criminal violations occurred in the start of the whole investigation into any kind of Trump-Russia collusion. As Judge Starr said there is already an inspector general investigation that’s been going on that’s going to come to a conclusion. That’s what you’d do if you were just interested in reforming… But you wouldn’t go with a US attorney like Durham or someone of his stature unless the Attorney General thinks actually something criminal might have happened.

Via The Ingraham Angle:


via The Gateway Pundit

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