Posted: May 15, 2019
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Trump Urges Big Tech Censorship Victims to Share Stories


The Trump administration is gathering evidence of big tech censoring people over their political beliefs ahead of the 2020 election.

On Wednesday the White House urged Americans who’ve been subjected to social media bias due to their political affiliations to come forward and tell their stories.

“SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS should advance FREEDOM OF SPEECH,” the website, launched by the White House, reads. “Yet too many Americans have seen their accounts suspended, banned, or fraudulently reported for unclear ‘violations’ of user policies.”

“No matter your views, if you suspect political bias caused such an action to be taken against you, share your story with President Trump.”

The website is the latest indication the president plans to hold tech companies accountable for acting as publishers in their regulation of free speech, especially as companies like Twitter have claimed to be open “public square” forums.

Companies including Facebook and Twitter have recently been criticized by the president for banning social media personalities like James Woods and Paul Joseph Watson seemingly over their conservative political opinions.






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