Steve Hilton Interviews President Trump…

Posted by on May 20, 2019 4:57 am
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“Democrats (in Congress) always vote in lock step, Republicans, not so much!”

Know WHY? Its not because of ‘squishy’ Republicans like Susan Collins of Maine, and others in supoosedly ‘blue’or ‘purple’areas.

Democrats have their equivalent; Manchin, etc.

But Dems do not vote against the ‘party line’ unless the Dem leadership tells them they can, and that doesn’t happen, unless the,individual vote doesn’t effect the outcome.

With Republicons, it is also up to Republican leadership, to ‘release’ these Republicans squishes to vote against the,party line. And they release them whenever the individual vote effects the outcome.

THATS the difference! Mitch and McCarthy, sabatoging US, PDJT and MAGA, every chance they get.

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