TRUMP: Will be making a “big league statement” on the border

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President Trump to Make ‘Biggest Statement’ About Border Today or Friday (Video)

President Donald Trump told reporters as he departed the White House Thursday morning he will be making a “big league statement” on the border either today or Friday, adding, “we are going to do something very dramatic on the border”. The President was headed to Colorado to give the commencement address at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony.

Trump did not give details, but he did answer a reporter’s question by saying he was not closing the border, “No, I’m not closing the borders, I’m doing something else.”

Thousands of migrants are pouring over the U.S. border with Mexico every day as U.S. immigration law and treaty obligations on asylum are being exploited by open border politicians, judges and human traffickers to overload the immigration system. Trump has been stymied by Congress and the courts in his efforts to secure the border.

Trump’s latest request for $4.5 billion in emergency funding for the border as part of a disaster relief bill was rejected by Congress this month. Republican senators persuaded Trump to drop his request in order to secure support for the rest of the package that focused on hurricane relief. A couple GOP congressmen then voted to block unanimous consent motions to stop passage of the bill in the House in part because of the lack of border security money.


White House transcript:

Q Do you agree with Louisiana’s ban on abortion at six weeks? Is that a good law?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, we’re going to have a statement about it. And I’m also going to have, probably today, a major statement on the border. This is a big league statement. But we are going to do something very dramatic on the border, because people are coming into our country — the Democrats will not give us laws. They will not change laws. They will not meet. They will not do anything. They want to have open borders. They want to have crime. They want to have drugs pouring into our country. They want to have human trafficking. I’m going to be making a statement probably tomorrow but maybe today.


Q Are you closing the border?

THE PRESIDENT: No, I’m not closing the border. I’m doing something else.

We’re going to be having a major statement on the border sometime later today or tomorrow.

Q What’s the (inaudible) of it?

THE PRESIDENT: It will be a statement having to do with the border and having to do with people illegally coming over the border. And it will be my biggest statement, so far, on the border. We have brought something to the light of the people. They see now it’s a national emergency, and most people agree. The Democrats agree too, but they won’t give us the legislation you need to fix it.

Right now, when you catch somebody, you have to release them. They won’t give us the legislation. Whether it’s chain migration or whether it’s lottery, they won’t give us any. And the asylum procedures are ridiculous. No place in the world has what we have in terms of ridiculous immigration laws.

So I will be making a major statement — I would say my biggest statement — on the border, probably today or tomorrow.


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