Posted: May 31, 2019
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Devin Nunes Discusses Robert Mueller’s National Impeachment Address…

Nunes said Ohr, and Weisman and another lawyer wereclooking at dossier in Aug. 2016, and “Nobody asked where did this come from?”, incredulously.

I want to see the classified briefings that Brennan, Comey and McCabe gave to the Gang of eight declassified.

So we can know,what they were told, and when.

WHY didn’t McConnell and Ryan as well as rest of gang of eight, say WHOA!

THEY are,SUPPOSED to be the final “Civilian” backstop to the I.C.
Thats WHY they GET “Gang of 8 briefings!

And so, WHAT did each of the G of 8 KNOW, and WHEN did they KNOW it?

Did they get different briefings? We assume Nunes got a different briefing, but until its declassified, none of them can talk about it. And, its the,I.C., or now BARR, that decides if it gets declassified.

Only then can Mitch and Ryan try to answer, and the rest as,well, of coarse.

If THAT; Briefings given to the gang if eight regarding crossfire hurricane, etc.
need to be ON the list, if they aren’t already in a bucket.


via The Last Refuge

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