Posted: July 23, 2019
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LILLEY: Hundreds of guns go missing from the Mounties, military and other departments

One of the arguments gun control advocates will make for calling for an outright ban on handguns or certain rifles is that if regular citizens don’t have these firearms in their homes, they can’t be lost or stolen to be used in a crime.

Newly-released documents from the RCMP and other federal departments and agencies show that if the risk of lost and stolen guns is an issue, then we better think of taking guns from the Mounties, maybe even the military.

Firearms researcher Dennis Young obtained a list of the number of guns lost or stolen by police or public agencies from 2005 through 2019 and the numbers might shock you.

A total of 640 firearms were reported lost in that time frame, another 173 were reported stolen.

Dennis Young (Postmedia Network photo)

That includes 469 handguns reported lost and another 117 handguns stolen.

According to another set of documents released through access to information legislation, that would include a Smith 7 Wesson 5946 RCMP service pistol that was lost by someone on the prime minister’s protection detail back in 2007.

Beyond handguns, more exotic firearms have been lost by our police and public agencies, including a report of what are only described as 13 “submachine guns.” There were a total of 10 submachine guns reported “lost” in 2015 followed by one in each of the following three years.

The RCMP detachment in North Battleford, Sask., lost a fully-automatic C8 — the type of rifle used by Canada’s military.

The RCMP also had a Federal M201-Z stolen from their warehouse.That gun is used to fire teargas or other non-lethal rounds.

Young says the political class in Ottawa want to scapegoat civilian gun owners without looking at their own system.

“(Federal cabinet ministers) Bill Blair and Ralph Goodale keep talking about the source of crime guns being from gun dealers and law-abiding owners. Here we have police and public agencies and they also have their guns lost and stolen from them,” Young said.

“You have to talk about all the sources, not just some of them.”

One of the sources of the guns floating around in the public is the Department of National Defence. In a third access to information request, Young obtained documents showing 559 firearms reported lost by the military and another 14 stolen between 2008-18.

That’s an awful lot of missing guns without an awful lot of detail or reporting.

In the meantime, the Trudeau Liberals have been increasing paperwork on civilian gun owners and making their life more difficult all in the name of stopping gang shootings on the streets.

It hasn’t worked but that isn’t stopping them from increasing the rhetoric and talking about banning handguns or some rifles from civilian ownership.

“Absolutely,” says Young when asked if he thinks licenced gun owners will be used as a political football in the coming election.

“The Liberals go by polls and they are going to follow that lead. If they think they can demonize people that aren’t the problem, then they’re going to do it.”

And demonizing legal gun owners is part of the strategy we can expect from Justin Trudeau and the Liberals this coming election.

In the last election, they falsely claimed that the Conservative changes to gun laws were letting people keep handguns in their cars. It wasn’t true.

Neither will most of what they say be true this election.

As I keep saying, the gun crime problem in Canada won’t be solved by laying more regulations on the people already following the law. It will be solved by dealing with those that break it.

via Toronto Sun

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