Scheme Team Ploy – Mueller asked Barr for Letter Outlining Testimony Restrictions….

Posted by on July 23, 2019 7:53 pm
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The media has been apoplectic in selling outrage over the U.S. Department of Justice sending a letter to Robert Mueller with guidelines for his testimony.   House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler appeared on morning TV shows today to decry the hubris of the letter calling it “incredibly arrogant” of Bill Barr to send such instructions.

However, in the background, for those who watch these manufactured events, you can see that everything around this “letter” was staged.  Everything around this letter was intentionally designed by the Lawfare group; which includes Jerry Nadler’s staff.

Yes, it is revealed today…. the Lawfare staff of Chairman Nadler -who are coordinating with Mueller’s staff- requested the letter to set-up a manufactured narrative before the testimony.  Essentially, team Nadler and team Mueller requested the letter, so that Nadler could decry it.  That’s the textbook definition of manufacturing outrage:

(Reuters) House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler said Mueller did not need to follow the instructions contained in the letter.

“He does not have to comply with that letter. He doesn’t work for them. And that letter asks things that are beyond the power of the agency to ask even if he still worked for them,” Nadler said in a CNN interview.

“I think it’s incredibly arrogant of the department to try to instruct him in what to say,” Nadler added. “It’s part of the ongoing cover-up by the administration to keep information away from the American people.”

A spokesman for Mueller, Jim Popkin, said the letter had been received but declined further comment. (Link)

See what they are doing?

Notice how the Mueller “spokesman” doesn’t refute the narrative?

See the scheme?

This is what Lawfare does folks.  This is all they know to do; and the media selling the narrative is all just part of the plan…. It’s ridiculous in the extreme.

Here’s the Letter:


It’s all a staged performance folks…. all of it.

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