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It's Happening: Durham Investigating 'Smoking Gun' Secret Recordings of Meeting with Papadopoulos

It’s Happening: Durham Investigating ‘Smoking Gun’ Secret Recordings of Meeting with Papadopoulos

Cristina Lailaby Cristina LailaJuly 26, 2019

US Attorney John Durham’s review of the origins of Spygate is focusing on transcripts of recordings made by a government source who met with Trump campaign foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos.

Durham is also taking a closer look at the start date of the FBI probe. The FBI opened “Crossfire Hurricane” on July 31, 2016, however, it is now clear the FBI began spying on Trump and his campaign much earlier.

This is huge.

For months there has been speculation that FBI hid exculpatory information on Papadopoulos which are in the transcripts of the conversations the former Trump advisor had with at least one government source and now Durham is zeroing in on these transcripts.

Fox News reported:
The sources also said the review is taking a closer look at the actual start date of the original FBI investigation into potential collusion between members of the Trump campaign and the Russians, as some allege the probe began earlier than thought. Both components are considered key in the review currently being led by Attorney General Bill Barr and U.S. Attorney from Connecticut John Durham –– an effort sure to draw more attention in the coming weeks and months now that Robert Mueller’s testimony is in the rearview.

The recordings in question pertain to conversations between government sources and Papadopoulos, which were memorialized in transcripts. One source told Fox News that Barr and Durham are reviewing why the material was left out of applications to surveil another former Trump campaign aide, Carter Page.

“These recordings have exculpatory evidence,” the other source added. “It is standard tradecraft to record conversations with someone like Papadopoulos—especially when they are overseas and there are no restrictions.”


Former Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy stunned the Democrat-media complex in May when he strongly suggested there are secret transcripts of Papadopoulos’ conversations with FBI informants.


In April of 2016, former Trump campaign foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos was approached by Maltese professor Joseph Mifsud while he was in London.

Comey claimed Mifsud was a Russian operative, however, it was recently revealed that Mifsud is actually a Western Intelligence agent, according to John Solomon.

While in London, Papadopoulos later met with Australian diplomat Alexander Downer who tried to plant dirt on the Trump campaign advisor by bringing up the Russians possibly being in possession of Hillary’s ‘missing’ emails…Papadopoulos didn’t bite because he felt like the meeting with Downer was suspicious.

Downer claimed that it was Papadopoulos who brought up that Russia had dirt on Hillary Clinton, not the other way around.

Alexander Downer relayed the information about his meeting with Papadopoulos back to his Australian government counterparts, who then in turn shared the information with the FBI.

In September of 2016, Papadopoulos met with another government spy, Stephan Halper and his honeypot assistant “Azra Turk — a meeting that Papadopoulos immediately became suspicious of.

A source told Fox News that the secret Papadopoulos transcripts is the “smoking gun.”

If these transcripts actually prove that Papadopoulos never brought up Russia or Hillary’s emails in his meetings with the FBI informants in London, the entire Russia hoax will implode.


via The Gateway Pundit

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