Deep State Swamp In Total Panic Over Trump Pick John Ratcliffe As Intel Chief

Posted by on July 29, 2019 10:37 pm
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The globalist combine of Democrats and mainstream media are melting down over President Trump nominating John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) as Director of National Intelligence.

The uproar stems not just from Ratcliffe’s grilling of special counsel Robert Mueller last week, but also his recent remarks on Fox News claiming the Obama administration likely committed crimes during the 2-year Russia witch hunt.

“What I do know as a former federal prosecutor is it does appear that there were crimes committed during the Obama administration,” Ratcliffe said Sunday.

The usual suspects, from former CIA Director John Brennan to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, were among the Swamp creatures condemning Trump’s pick, claiming Ratcliffe is a “Trump loyalist” who spews “conspiracy-theory nonsense.”

Brennan, who frequently tweets over-the-top attacks against Trump and his administration, was one of the first to go after Ratcliffe.

“Dan Coats served ably & with deep integrity. Ratcliffe showed abject subservience to Trump in Mueller hearings. The women & men in the Intelligence Community deserve a leader like Coats who puts nation first; not a servile Trump loyalist like Ratcliffe,” Brennan tweeted Monday.



House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the ousting of Dan Coats as DNI “bad news for the security of America.”

“The departure of DNI Coats is bad news for the security of America. His successor must put patriotism before politics, and remember that his oath is to protect the Constitution and the American people, not the President,” Pelosi tweeted Monday.



Schumer accused Ratcliffe of exhibiting “blind loyalty” to Trump during his questioning of former special counsel Robert Mueller last week.



Democrat 2020 candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg also lambasted Ratcliffe as the incoming DNI.



Several Hillary Clinton toadies like Ben Rhodes also suggested Ratcliffe won’t “speak truth to power” as National Intelligence Director.







And of course, how could the liberal outrage be complete be without the dying mainstream media to drive the anti-Ratcliffe narrative home?

























When THIS MANY DC Swamp creatures are up in arms over an intel nominee, you can bet he’s probably going to execute his duties by the book, and get to the bottom of any REAL crimes that had been committed.



via Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!