Posted: August 13, 2019
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PayPal Cofounder Calls Out ‘Unhealthy’ Politics in Silicon Valley, Says Most Trump Supporters Remain Silent – True Pundit

The co-founder of the online payment company PayPal called out the “unhealthy” political atmosphere in Silicon Valley, proclaiming that most supporters of President Donald Trump are silent there.

He also said that he believes that “what’s actually going on” has an “unhealthy” feel to it that is “not good” for the politics of America.
“I think there’s always an inside and outside question. The outside questions: what are companies doing with China, are they censoring speech, and the Twitter/Mcconnell thing. You can say innocent accident or is it an intentional active political sabotage, which of the two is it?

I think one of the reason it is Republicans are so skeptical of the excuses Big Tech has for these repeated accidents is that the inside story is not good, because on the inside Twitter is not a company where you have lots of people writing checks to Senator McConnell. If you had a lot of campaign donations from Senator McConnell, we might say to Senator McConnell, ‘this is an innocent mistake’ and we won’t complain about it too much. That’s not what’s actually going on and it has sort of the feel of a very unhealthy, one-party state in a way that’s not good for Silicon Valley or for the politics of this country in general.”

Thiel continued on to say that he is the “main, outspoken supporter” of the president in Silicon Valley and that there are “many other people” in the area that also back Trump but “are not going to say it.” – READ MORE


via True Pundit

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