Congressional Testimony From Clinton Era Reveals Pedophile Blackmail Network

Posted by on August 18, 2019 9:14 pm
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A history and expose of mind control, government-sanctioned child abuse, and pedophiliac blackmail


This video explains the dark history and purpose of the use of mind control and pedophilia as a means of government espionage and blackmail.

At its heart is unearthed video of congressional victim testimony, given before a Bill Clinton advisory committee in 1995. How this video testimony has escaped the pubic discourse for over twenty years is a prime example of how deep the corruption runs in our society

In 1995, President Bill Clinton’s advisory committee on Human Radiation Experimentation included testimonies before congress from child victims involved in the experiments who claimed they were tortured, kept in cages, and used to sexually blackmail powerful politicians when they were only nine years old.

They claim to have been undergoing these experiments in government run laboratories along with several other young children.

The 1995 Human Radiation Experiment’s final report can still be found on the C-SPAN archives, but there is no archive of the child victim testimony.

Fortunately, the victim testimony was uploaded in 2015 to the YouTube “kollyvades” channel, entitled: “Mind Control Hearings from the President’s Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experimentation.”

And the written transcripts are still available at the National Security Archive.

This information is crucial to understanding the depths of corruption that has infected our society for several decades. Please share this link everywhere.