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Help Joey Gibson – Please Donate and Share!

Update 8/15/19 – Joey Gibson now must fight a felony criminal charge for “Rioting!” All the video evidence shows Joey simply standing on a public sidewalk, filming people in black masks, while he was getting assaulted, pepper sprayed, bear maced, spit on, and had bottles thrown at him. Joey never fought back, just filmed the incident, and was never violent. This is another tough battle for him, so please help as legal fees mount

Joey Gibson and Patriot Prayer are in the midst of 2 huge lawsuits, totaling $1.161MILLION. You may read about the 2 ridiculous lawsuits below. Joey Gibson has been a true leader around the US in exposing corruption, preaching principles of Freedom and God, and has been unjustly targeted by these 2 lawsuits.

PLEASE HELP Joey in fighting these unjust lawsuits by contributing to the legal team/fees. These two lawsuits could be very long, hard battles, but we are confident in winning 2 victories, along with your help. Thank you for your support, and God Bless!

-If you prefer to donate via check, please go to our website at and click on the “donate” button to find our mailing address. Thank you.

Cider Riot Bar vs Joey Gibson Lawsuit Details:


Joey Gibson’s rebuttal video to the Cider Riot Lawsuit

Joey Gibson’s Interview with Lars Larson regarding Cider Riot Incident:


Luis Marquez vs Joey Gibson Lawsuit Details:…


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