Posted: August 18, 2019
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Proud Boys Statement: Patriots Promise to Revisit Portland If Mayor Wheeler Continues to Ignore Antifa Terrorists

Jim Hoftby Jim HoftAugust 17, 2019

Patriots Will Revisit Portland If Mayor Wheeler Ignores Antifa Terrorists

The Proud Boys organization sent out this statement on Satuday following the “End Domestic Terrorism” march in Portland, Oregon.

Portland, Oregon – For several weeks, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and a host of compromised journalists have been frothing at the mouth for weeks leading up to the peaceful “End Domestic Terrorism” rally held today in Downtown Portland. Aimed at drawing attention to the terroristic acts of Antifa, a violent domestic terrorist organization, rally organizers made it clear that they will hold Mayor Ted Wheeler accountable until he excises the alt-left group from his city and returns Portland to sane Americans who want to settle their differences at the ballot box, not through deranged political violence.

Antifa maintains a stranglehold on the Pacific Northwest locale, regularly roving the streets in black masks with blunt force objects, weapons they gleefully use on those willing to stand against a progressive anarcho state, or anyone that holds political viewpoints to the right of Karl Marx. They even leave journalists hospitalized with brain bleeds if they dare get between them and their vicious thirst for street carnage.

The message from organizers Enrique Tarrio and Joe Biggs was clear; the gathering was never about bringing carnage or violence to the City of Portland, it was about financially crippling the progressive hotbed until they take action against Antifa and showcasing the power of peaceful political action. It has been alleged that through Mayor Wheeler’s direction, $2milllion of taxpayer money was spent in preparation for this rally, including Gestapo-style roundups of right-leaning free speech advocates expected to participate in the “End Domestic Terrorism” gathering.

“Our presence in Portland for a mere fifteen minutes motivated Mayor Ted Wheeler to call in resources from around the state and nation to allegedly “prevent violence.” We clearly stated from the beginning that our event was not about violence, but rather about calling attention to how Antifa has been allowed to infest Portland. Mayor Wheeler should use the past few weeks of preparation and attention to detail as a template going forward. Either he takes charge and removes the scourge of violent domestic terrorists from his city, or we come back month-after-month,” stated organizer Enrique Tarrio, who also serves as Chairman of the Proud Boys.

Repeat visits from Tarrio and other national right-wing leaders would leave the Portland Mayor on a constant defensive, continually having to call in favors from state and federal agencies to combat completely peaceful God-fearing Americans who are simply dedicated to protecting our First Amendment rights.

“Sooner or later, he will run out of money and his counterparts in government will no longer take him seriously. The path forward for Mayor Wheeler is simple, free your city from the grip of Antifa, take direct and meaningful action. Otherwise, the citizens will grow weary of you wasting tax dollars and the time of first-responders with your ridiculous political posturing. Declare Antifa an enemy of Portland and restore order. The American people will thank you and the people of Portland will thank you,” concluded fellow organizer Joe Biggs, a combat veteran who was awarded the Purple Heart twice for his bravery.


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via The Gateway Pundit

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