April Ryan’s Security Guard Charged With Assault After Video Shows Him Violently Hitting Reporter and Stealing His Camera

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April Ryan’s Security Guard Charged With Assault After Video Shows Him Violently Hitting Reporter and Stealing His Camera

Cristina Lailaby Cristina LailaAugust 20, 2019

April Ryan

A security guard for CNN’s April Ryan has been charged with harassment, assault and theft after he violently took a reporter’s equipment, hit the reporter then threw him out of the event.

Last week a video surfaced showing a security guard for CNN’s April Ryan violently throwing reporter Charlie Kratovil out of a hotel in New Jersey.

Mr. Kratovil had been cleared by the event organizer to attend and video April Ryan’s speech.

April Ryan however directed her security guard to remove the reporter who was videotaping her speech.

As previously reported by TGP’s Kristinn Taylor:

Video taken August 3rd by a reporter shows April Ryan apparently siccing her security guard on the reporter who was videotaping her speech at a New Brunswick, New Jersey charity event by Project Ready. After speaking with Ryan–who stopped her speech shortly after beginning it because it was being filmed–the guard is seen stealing the reporter’s camera and taking it out of the banquet hall at The Heldrich Hotel. Hotel security video later shows Ryan’s guard manhandling the reporter in the lobby and forcibly ejecting him from the hotel. Another man, in a blue suit, pulls what appears to be a handgun and points it at the reporter! It is not clear if the man who apparently pulled the gun on the reporter is hotel or Ryan security. (UPDATE: Kratovil said the man is the hotel manager.)

Via the Epoch Times:


According to a criminal complaint obtained by The Epoch Times, police found probable cause to issue a summons for Morris for harassment, assault, and theft.

The complaint said that Morris grabbed Kratovil’s camera and removed it from his possession before “causing bodily injury … by chasing complaint, grabbing him from his left arm and twisting his arm behind his back causing injury to his forearm and shoulder.”

“This is more than just assault on me,” Charlie Kratovil said in a Twitter video. “This was an assault on freedom of the press, and April Ryan should have immediately condemned the use of violence against a journalist.”

“Because Ms. Ryan has failed to publicly address or apologize for her role in this ugly incident, I am now seeking legal counsel to initiate proceedings that will hold her accountable for the unacceptable and illegal behavior of her employee,” he added.

Cameras from the hotel lobby captured the violent assault of Charlie Kratovil, the founder of New Brunswick Today, an admitted anti-Trumper.

Video shows April Ryan speaking to her body guard before he forcefully removed Kratovil’s camera:

Former NYPD John Cardillo said since April Ryan ordered her guard to beat the reporter, she should also be charged with felony forcible theft (robbery).


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