Posted: August 20, 2019
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Epstein's Former Cell Mate Nicholas Tartaglione is Receiving Threats From Prison Guards to "Shut Up" and "Stop Talking" About Epstein

Epstein’s Former Cell Mate Nicholas Tartaglione is Receiving Threats From Prison Guards to “Shut Up” and “Stop Talking” About Epstein

Cristina Lailaby Cristina LailaAugust 20, 2019

Nicholas Tartaglione, Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein’s former cell mate at the Metropolitan Correctional Center Nicholas Tartaglione is receiving threats from prison guards to “shut up” and “stop talking.”

Tartaglione, the former cop convicted of a quadruple homicide, shared a cell with Epstein and was eventually moved a few cells away.

Tartaglione’s lawyer says the threats are so bad that he wants his client moved to a new prison.

Via The New York Post:
Jeffrey Epstein’s former Manhattan cell mate says guards at the lockup have been threatening him since the financier’s death, according to a legal filing by his attorneys Tuesday asking a judge to move him to a new prison.

Hulking ex-cop Nicholas Tartaglione — who briefly bunked with Epstein at the Metropolitan Correctional Center — has been told by various guards there to “shut up,” “stop talking” and “stop complaining,” as questions swirled about how the accused sex-trafficker was able to commit suicide in federal custody, Tartaglione attorney Bruce Barket says in a letter to White Plains federal judge Kenneth Karas.

“The clear message Mr. Tartaglione has received is that if he conveys information about the facility or about [Epstein’s] recent suicide, there will be a price to pay,” Barket’s letter reads. “Whether or not the investigators into the suicide chose to interview Mr. Tartaglione about the attempted suicide to which he was witness or about how the facility is run and the conditions under which the inmates are forced to live, the correction officers know he has information potentially very damaging to the very people now charged with guarding him or their coworkers.”

According to The New York Post Tartaglione, 51, is awaiting trial on charges he murdered four men as part of a drug deal gone bad. He is accused of burying the bodies on his Otisville property.


Prison officials put an alleged mass killer who is looking at the death penalty in the same cell with the top prisoner in the US prison system.

66-year-old financier and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his prison cell two weekends ago on a Saturday morning and the medical examiner ruled his death a suicide by hanging.

Epstein had many broken bones in his neck, including his hyoid bone which is consistent with homicide by strangulation.

According to reports Epstein told authorities someone tried to kill him in a previous incident weeks earlier.

Epstein is said to have feared Tartaglione and the former Briarcliffe Manor cop was questioned following the pedophiles previous suicide attempt in July.

Judge Jeanine Pirro said Monday night to Tucker Carlson
People say he tried to kill himself, he definitely committed suicide. That’s not true! Because HE SAID Nicholas Tartaglione the cop in the cell originally beat the hell out of him. I knew that probably as true because I knew Nicholas Tartaglione. He was a cop when I was a DA in Westchester. Would it be like him to slap this guy around? Without a doubt. That’s number one. And number two the fact that he was very upbeat with this attorney, said I’ll see you Sunday. All of these facts need to be looked at to see if this was a homicide versus a suicide.

And now Tartaglione is being told to “shut up” or else.


via The Gateway Pundit

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