Posted: August 20, 2019
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Pete Santilli Publishes White Paper – Cure For Google’s “Algorithmic Discrimination” Psychosis

Some crackpot Silicon Valley-ite had the bright idea of hiring privacy and psychology experts to write a paper on how to treat “Algorithmic Discrimination” caused by Google.

I read the entire document & shook my head.

What a worthless bunch of overpaid mentards.

Algorithmic Discrimination From an Environmental Psychology Perspective Stress-Inducing Differential Treatm… by Pete Santilli on Scribd

I decided to write my own paper to solve the problem.  Read the document below: (Disclaimer: I called it a white paper to trigger the Libtards into calling me a racist…which I’m not.)

Pete Santilli’s “White Paper” – ALGORITHMIC DISCRIMINATION by Pete Santilli on Scribd

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