Scaramucci Completely Loses It, Calls Trump a ‘Fascist’ and Compares Him to Death Cult Leader Jim Jones

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Scaramucci Completely Loses It, Calls Trump a ‘Fascist’ and Compares Him to Death Cult Leader Jim Jones

Avatar by Cassandra Fairbanks August 23, 2019

Short-lived White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci has gone completely off the rails, comparing President Donald Trump to socialist death cult leader Jim Jones and referring to him as a “fascist.”

Jim Jones is notorious for the likely-coerced mass suicide of 918 of his cult members, including 304 children, with Flavor Aid mixed with cyanide on their commune in Jonestown, Guyana in 1978. What the infamous cult-leader referred to as a “revolutionary suicide” occurred after cult members murdered Representative Leo Ryan and several others who were on a investigative trip to check on them. Rep. Jackie Speier was shot five times during the gun fire.

John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s former chief of staff has also once compared Republicans to members of the Jonestown cult, later apologizing for the disgusting reference.

On Friday morning, Scaramucci tweeted that it is “like a hostage crisis” inside the White House and the “hostages have Stockholm Syndrome,” then compared the president to Jones.


Scaramucci has been basking in the media attention of becoming the latest person to turn on the president for weeks and is seemingly upping the resentment to keep the cameras coming.

Appeaing on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” on Thursday night, Scaramucci also referred to the president as a “fascist,” echoing the liberal media and leftist activists. He claimed that the president has “gone past the bounds of normalcy.”

“They absolutely hate the guy’s guts, but they’re scared out of their minds,” Scaramucci said of unnamed Trump officials. “Look at what he did to me and my wife this week. He’s lighting me and my wife up on his 150 million Twitter, social media slash accounts.”

“I’m a private citizen,” he continued. “He may not have early-stage dementia but he has full blown early-stage fascism.”

On Monday, President Trump responded to the increased hostility from his former staff member by referring to him as a  “nut job” that he “barely knew.”

via The Gateway Pundit