Tucker Carlson on Liberal Fascists: “Those Who Control Your Words Control Your Mind” (VIDEO)

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Tucker Carlson on Liberal Fascists: “Those Who Control Your Words Control Your Mind” (VIDEO)

Jim Hoft by Jim Hoft August 23, 2019

On Thursday night Tucker Carlson opened his show on how the professional left has transformed the city of San Francisco, one of America’s most beautiful cities, into a “cesspool of filth, homelessness and drug addiction.” In response to this crisis the city of San Francisco is banning words that suggests the city has a crime problem, “I people are not allowed to talk about crime maybe they won’t notice crime exists. That’s the thinking.”

Tucker went on to explain,

“Last month the San Francisco supervisors decreed that there would be no more convicted felons in San Francisco. Going forward ex-cons are to be called justice-involved individuals. Well as it happens the people they committed crimes against are also ‘justice involved individuals.’ So now, in other words, victim and criminal are now morally indistinguishable. That’s on purpose. That is woke equality… Meanwhile there are no juvenile delinquents. There are now young people impacted by the juvenile justice system as if the system and not the kid committed the crime…. You can laugh this off. It’s San Francisco, after all, where all the crazy things happen. But these are the implications. Language makes thought possible. When the words disappear so does our ability to think of the ideas the words represent. When they prevent you from saying the obvious, over time it becomes impossible to see the obvious. And that is exactly, of course, why they do it. Those who control your words, control your mind.”

The left uses this tactic all the time. Obamacare that raised everyone’s medical bills was called the “Affordable Care Act.” Abortion is called “pro-choice.” Only blacks can use the n-word freely. Whites are not allowed to say the word in our current caste system. It goes on and on.


Tucker continues to be the most compelling thinker on cable news today.

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