Did the District Attorney Leak Info to Antifa On Pro Trump Indictments In Portland?

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Did the District Attorney Leak Info to Antifa On Pro Trump Indictments In Portland?

Avatarby Brock SimmonsAugust 24, 2019

Joey Gibson speaks during a rally in support of free speech Thursday, April 27, 2017, in Berkeley, Calif. Demonstrators gathered near the University of California, Berkeley campus amid a strong police presence and rallied to show support for free speech and condemn the views of Ann Coulter and her supporters. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

As the purge of the dissenters continues in Portland, there seems to be conflicting and confusing information regarding the indictments that have been handed down to six pro Trump activists who are accused of Riot, Class C Felony, in the aftermath of a brawl that took place on May Day outside of antifa hangout Cider Riot.

Let’s examine the matter.

Joey Gibson, head of the pro Trump group Patriot Prayer, seems to be the focal target of the investigations and charges. Gibson tells The Gateway Pundit that he found out about the charges from Antifa posting about it. “There was a glitch in the system that revealed secret and sealed case information, Antifa got hold of it and posted about it, then 5 minutes later it was gone. I called in to ask about it, and they said there was no warrant. A reporter called the DA to ask about it and the DA said he couldn’t comment. The reporter was dumbfounded and had never seen something like this before. He was hesitant to run the story because he couldn’t confirm anything.”

The reporter was able to confirm the existence of a warrant through a detective at the Portland Police Bureau.

So did the Anfifa activist just happen to be looking on the site, searching for Joey’s name, when the data just happened to accidentally get made public, or did someone inside the DA’s office tip them off?

It’s odd that they told Gibson there was no warrant, because it turned out there was one and that charges were being filed for Riot. Gibson turned himself in on Friday, August 16th, then self bailed out on $500. Deputy District Attorney Bradley Kalbaugh had motioned to seal the arrest warrant affidavits and the arrest warrants themselves on August 12th, before any of the defendants even knew they were being charged with a crime, before any indictment was found, before any witnesses had been ID’ed, before any “victims” came forward, before a grand jury convened to take up the matter.

Multnomah County deputy district attorney Brad Kalbaugh, shown from his days as a public defender

The Gateway Pundit has obtained copies of some of the case documents. Here is the warrant for Gibson’s arrest, issued August 12th. This is the first time Gibson himself is seeing this documentation, as he hasn’t been given anything yet by the district attorneys. We suggest readers save copies of these images in case the courts try to order us to remove them.


Here is a copy of the motion to seal the information. This particular document was filed on the case of Russell Schultz, one of the six defendants. The exact same motion was filed for the cases of all of the defendants.

The grand jury eventually convened on August 15th, and brought forth three witnesses: Christopher Traynor and Jerry Cioeta (both Portland police officers), and Justin Chance Allen, who has admitted that he was an infiltrator, spying on Patriot Prayer.

Here is a copy of the indictment. The indictments read the same for three of the defendants. Three others have additional charges.

One of the defendants, Mackenzie Lewis, was wearing a Go Pro body camera during the incident. That camera, with the Cider Riot content on it, was later stolen during an incident where an antifa terrorist pulled a knife on one of the pro Trump people. Rumor has it the files on that camera from Cider Riot have been obtained by police and are now being used as evidence. From a stolen camera. Illegally gathered evidence. And they’re trying to use it against the guy who had the camera stolen from him.

Both Joey Gibson and one of the other defendants, Russell Schultz, claim they were just standing around while the melee ensued and were not engaging in tumultuous behavior. When the warrant for Schultz went out, apparently district attorney Brad Kalbaugh listed him as a “fugitive from justice” and the US Marshals apprehended him at his home in Washington. Same story with Mackenzie Lewis.

Not a single Antifa terrorist has been charged with anything from the Cider Riot brawl, despite at least two people attempting to make police reports after being attacked by Antifa; One was a student filmmaker who had his camera broken, and was assaulted and pinned to the ground while they poured beer on him. The other was Andy Ngo, who had to shout from the rooftops to get police to acknowledge that he wanted to make a report.

Additionally, not a single antifa terrorist has been ID’ed or charged with the attack on Andy Ngo on June 29th, which happened literally right out front of the police headquarters, with no police officers anywhere as hundreds of people were marching in the streets.

In this video from Stumptown Matters, you can clearly see several antifa terrorists chasing down Gibson and crew, and assaulting the videographer with a baton, while others threaten him with some sort of shank and brass knuckles.

But those are the good guys, according the police and district attorneys. The victims. No charges for any of them.

In fairness though, the Portland “police” actually are trying to identify a whole two of them.

Gibson tells The Gateway Pundit that he hasn’t even seen any of the documents on his case. His next court date is Tuesday, August 27th, 2:10 PM, for an arraignment on the indictment.

Apparently Cider Riot weren’t even the ones who called the police about the brawl, it was a neighbor.

“I feel like people are awaking to the deep corruption,” Gibson says. “With Ted Wheeler as the police commissioner, it’s a conflict of interest. The DA doesn’t charge antifa but charges other people for doing less. This is an act of control.” When asked if he thinks the charges will eventually be dropped, Gibson says “It depends how stupid they are. I won’t plead. This will be a waste of their resources. It’s only a win for them if I don’t fight back.”

Here are some of the other documents that have been obtained by the Gateway Pundit.

We encourage our readers to save these images in case we are ordered to remove them.


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