Report: Brave DJ Rebuffs Bill Clinton’s Request To Turn Music Down

Posted by on August 27, 2019 8:53 am
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Confronted by former President Bill Clinton at a Hamptons hot spot, one brave DJ stood up for her right to party.

Two sources confirmed to Page Six that a female DJ refused to turn down her music after Clinton put in a request with the Maidstone staff last Friday night. One of the sources described the turn-of-events as such: “Bill asked the staff to turn down the music as the late-night music scene was just beginning because there were still people having dinner [and their table was deep in political discussion]. They were told ‘no’ by the DJ. The wait staff was pleading with the DJ to turn down the music, but the DJ wasn’t having it.”

A second person confirmed Clinton requested a volume deduction from the DJ. According to the outlet, Clinton was dining with “longtime … backer and DC lobbyist Liz Robbins,” among other guests.

It takes a lot to prioritize the audibility of your set over the request of a former president. But Friday night is sacred. We salute you, anonymous Hamptons DJ. Stay strong and party on.

via The Federalist