Brexit Maneuvering – Boris Johnson Requests Queen Suspend Parliament, Queen Elizabeth Agrees – Brexit Opposition Plan Thwarted, For Now…

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Internal British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn was developing a plan to stop the U.K from leaving the European Union through legislation aimed at blocking any Brexit without a pre-existing deal.  Additionally, Corbyn was proposing calling a vote of ‘no confidence’ in a scheme aimed at weakening Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s no-deal brexit.

To thwart that opposition plan, PM Boris Johnson asked Queen Elizabeth to suspend Parliament, thereby cancelling the legislative time Corbyn would have to form his anti-Brexit law and scheme. Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II agreed to suspend Parliament.

In addition, Prime Minister Johnson has significantly diminished the ‘no-confidence’ scheme by stating if Corbyn follows through PM Johnson would continue to proceed with the Brexit process, and call for a snap election immediately following the October 31st ‘no deal’ exit from the EU.   The globalist opposition is going bananas.


LONDON – […] The controversy here lies solely in the timing of the move. Britain is on track to leave the European Union on Oct. 31 and anti-Brexit lawmakers were working frantically to try and thwart the departure via the House of Commons — with plans in motion to try and pass legislation to tie the hands of Johnson’s government when Parliament returns from recess on Sept. 3rd.

Specifically, lawmakers were trying to ensure that Britain is not allowed to leave without a formal withdrawal agreement with the E.U., similar to the kind that May secured with E.U. leaders but failed to get through Parliament — leading ultimately to her resignation in June. Johnson has said he would prefer to leave with a deal, but is prepared to leave without one if E.U. leaders won’t meet British demands.

Tuesday’s announcement torpedoes those opposition plans to tie the government’s hands, icing Parliament for the majority of the remainder of the time left before Oct. 31. Speaker John Bercow, who has made no secret of his anti-Brexit sympathies, called the move a “constitutional outrage.” (link)

With so many prior lies, delays and stall tactics by British leadership beholden to the ideology of multinational influence, there were/are many people concerned about whether Prime Minister Johnson could actually be trusted to deliver on the Brexit referendum supported by the majority of the British voters.

Today’s strong moves by the prime minister seem to dissuade some of those fears.  What Great Britain needs is a strong leader who will stand in the gap against relentless leftist opposition and deliver what the people of Britain have voted for.

Today, despite his prior orientation toward fence-sitting weasel-speak, Johnson provides some cautious optimism that he might just be the strong leader the British deserve.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson sent the following letter to members of the House of Commons:

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