Brian Kilmeade Confronts Trump on His Fox News Bashing

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Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade confronted Donald Trump on his recent tweets attacking Fox News by suggesting that the president’s disagreements with friends “never used to bother” him so much.

“I know you were critical of Fox yesterday,” said Kilmeade on Thurdsay while interviewing the president on his radio show, during which Trump again slammed Fox News over their polls that have been favorable to Democrats lately. “So you were very upset.”

“I’m not happy with Fox,” Trump replied. “Look, Sean and Laura and Tucker have really been good — well, Tucker is a little tricky but that’s ok. But he’s been very good. Many of them, you guys in the morning, Ainsley, and Steve and you — I used to say you, you were a solid 6, maybe a 7. But you’re getting much better.”

Kilmeade noted that in the past, if the two had disagreements, Trump “didn’t mind, you know we’d disagree, we’d talk about President Bush, we’d talk about different things, and it was still ok.”

“So I don’t understand,” he continued. “If Fox comes on and if somebody comes on and they’re critical of one thing about you. It never used to bother you like this. Now yesterday I read those tweets … I thought to myself what’s bothering you about it, because our channel prides itself in diversity and getting everybody in so you don’t have to flip around.”

The president defended his outburst against the network — during which he suggested that he and his supporters “have to start looking for a new News Outlet” because “Fox isn’t working for us anymore” — by accusing CNN of being made up of all “Trump haters.”

“MSNBC I think is worse. They fight to see who’s worse,” Trump added. “But they don’t have diversity meaning my view, they never put my view on, but I guarantee you this … Both but CNN in particular is begging me to do an interview, and I just think it would be disloyal to my followers. What’re they going to ask me?”

“I don’t think you should do an interview there either,” Kilmeade chimed in.

On Wednesday morning, Trump took to Twitter to air out his grievances after Fox News interviewed DNC communications director Xochitl Hinojosa, which the president felt was an act of “heavily promoting the Democrats.”

“[Hinojosa was] spewing out whatever she wanted with zero pushback by anchor, @SandraSmithFox. Terrible considering that Fox couldn’t even land a debate, the Dems give them NOTHING!” he wrote. “Fox hires ‘give Hillary the questions’ @donnabrazile, Juan Williams and low ratings Shep Smith. HOPELESS & CLUELESS! They should go all the way LEFT and I will still find a way to Win.”

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