General Flynn’s Attorney Sidney Powell Petitions Court to Hold Mueller Gang in Contempt and Kicked Off Case!

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General Flynn’s Attorney Sidney Powell Petitions Court to Hold Mueller Gang in Contempt and Kicked Off Case!

Joe Hoftby Joe HoftSeptember 2, 2019

General Flynn has a real fighter in his attorney Sidney Powell and she is rightfully demanding the Mueller gang be held in contempt.  Powell is right no matter what the far left New York Times‘ ‘Russia Collusion’ reporters say.

General Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell filed a BOMBSHELL motion in his case on Friday night per investigative reporter Will Chamberlain from Human Events.  The Deep State Mueller gang are finally being outed for the crooks that they are and the crimes they committed by Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell:

Mueller’s goons withheld Brady material which is not shock since they did the same back in the 2000’s in their Enron related cases as noted in Powell’s “License to Lie“.

Powell argues that the Deep State Mueller gang led by the most corrupt DOJ attorney in US history, Andrew Weissmann, withheld information pertinent to their case:

The Mueller – Weissmann gang tried to slip in some documents in some late reporting that were very important to the case and yet they claimed they were no big deal:

The Mueller – Weissmann gang isn’t happy so they worked with the far left NYT to conjure up a slanderous rebuttal:

Here Chamberlain discusses the NYT’s slanderous hit-piece:

The NYT’s is still the same:


Adam Goldman from the NYT’s was one of the few Deep State reporters who pushed Deep State stories early in the Trump Presidency in an effort to damage the Presidency and the President:

Goldman is still a Deep State parrot spitting out whatever the Deep State wants him to report:

Clearly Goldman is being force fed or how else would he know what he is reporting:

Goldman is ‘flat out false’ per Chamberlain (i.e. he lies):

Finally, a hearing is scheduled soon.  Goldman will no doubt be wrong again.

The NYT, CNN, CNBC, ABC, The WaPo, MSNBC, CBS, etc… continue with their dishonest reporting.  They prove once again that they will never stand on the side of truth and decency.

And they are still being force fed talking points and lies from the Deep State.

Let’s hope more Americans wake up to their dishonesty soon!


via The Gateway Pundit