EXCLUSIVE | Pro-Trump Designer Andre Soriano Tributes Veterans, Unites Americans With MAGA Fashion

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EXCLUSIVE | Pro-Trump Designer Andre Soriano Tributes Veterans, Unites Americans With MAGA Fashion

Avatarby Alicia PoweSeptember 2, 2019

The Democrat-Media Complex – the educational system, pop culture, media, music, movies, TV shows, the tech industry –  are monopolizing popular culture messaging with “liberalism,” in their relentless attempt to transform America away from what it was founded to be.

Conservatives fear expressing their political views and citizens are afraid to publicly support the president of the United States, as Democrats and fake news media twist the meaning of “MAGA” to generate hatred for Trump and incite Antifa thugs to physically attack patriots for expressing the First Amendment right to free speech.

In a quest to restore America’s greatness and unify Americans, celebrity designer Andre Soriano is using fashion to send a message to all Americans: “Come out, come out wherever you are– support our president and love this country.”

“Love one another – it’s all about peace and love; glamour and fashion,” Soriano declared in a exclusive interview with the Gateway Pundit.

Speaking at “A Tribute For Veterans,” Soriano said he hosted the “bipartisan” fashion show featuring his patriotic designs to celebrate U.S. troops because the military are “the fiber of this nation.”

“It’s really personal because I am actually from the Philippine islands and becoming an American. I have family that’s joined the military,” he said. “Support our veterans, not just that – the military itself. They are really what built this country together – put it together.”

Soriano was revered by the entertainment industry and even offered a special on Netflix, but that all changed when he decided to vocally support Trump. After singer Joy Villa famously donned his Make America Great Again gown on the Grammy’s red carpet, the gay 48-year old designer became an outcast in the fashion industry and blacklisted, Michelle Fisher an aestheticism who helped to coordinate the fashion show told Gateway Pundit.


“As soon as he came out being a conservative and a conservative and supporting President Trump, he was shunned, they canceled Netflix, they did so many things because he was no longer ‘in the club,’” she said. “He moved from San Diego [to Virginia.], he started making a footprint [in Washington DC], coming out and saying ‘I’m gay, my husband and I have been married for 20 years, we love each other, we are passionate about President Trump, we are passionate about the conservative movement  – he’s made a huge impact. He could run for mayor in this town and win.”

Audra Johnson, a Michigan delegate who walked the runway in one of Andre’s signature MAGA gowns, told Gateway Pundit she wore the dress on her wedding day.

“This dress is symbolic of my love for my country and the for our country that me and my husband share. I wore it for my reception on our wedding day,” she said.

Johnson’s Trump themed wedding made national headlines, prompting haters to inundate her and her husband with death threats on social media.

Facebook book did nothing to stop the malicious threats from pouring in, Johnson explained. Instead the tech giant censored the Trump supporters who defended the newlyweds.

“After our wedding we got thousands and thousands of death threats and we would report them to Facebook and Facebook would say it was against community standards that a conservative would defend us or come to our defense  and they would be censored and told that they are on a ban for doing so,” she said.

“‘We know where you live,’ ‘We are coming for you,’” the were warned. “We actually had to set up security outside our house for a couple of days. But we are not backing down.”

“We need unity in our country,”  Thaddeus Dionne Alexander, a black, conservative activist added. “We are all Americans first before black, white, gay or whatever it may be that you claim. You are an American before anything and at the end of the day, we all want the same thing.

“Trump has made a lot of statements that people say is “racist,” he continued. “People that are 30 and below, they have no clue what racism is. They don’t know what it’s like to have German shepherds stuck on them or water hoses flooded to get you off the streets. People are creating racism. That word has been so diluted and watered down as far as racist.”

After walking the runway in fishnet shirt and leather pants, Sean Campbell, a registered independent, argued Trump’s rhetoric is inflammatory, but predicted the president will easily win reelection because Democrats  “have no one.”

“It’s kind of amazing to me that these political parties, they invest so much money and yet they are not developing the next star. You had Barack – and they haven’t developed anybody like that,” he quipped. “Even though there is a whole bunch of discourse about the divide that still exists with his rhetoric, I think he still actually will win because the other party doesn’t have any viable candidates.”


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