‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Isaiah Washington Explains His Decision To Leave The Democratic Party

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Isaiah Washington Explains His Decision To Leave The Democratic Party

September 5, 2019

Isaiah Washington is a rare man in Hollywood.

He is an honest man with a conscience and the ability to think for himself. He recently left the Democrats by embracing the Walk Away movement. His visit to the Trump White House also helped.

FOX News reports:

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Isaiah Washington opens up about decision to leave the Democratic party after Trump White House visit

On Fox Nation’s latest episode of “Nuff Said,” “Grey’s Anatomy” star Isaiah Washington opened up about his decision to leave the Democratic Party, and the reaction he got from the Hollywood community after publicly declaring his support for the #WalkAway movement.

“Walking away is a sacrifice,” Washington said. “There’s a risk and there’s a penalty for it but you have to walk away when it matters…and the reason I chose to walk away from the Democratic party…is that something doesn’t’ feel right.”

Washington blamed the Democrats for “not doing enough” and pointed to their lack of action for the black community as an example.

Washington, who once played Dr. Preston Burke in the hit TV series, said he was never asked about his politics during his two-year career on the show, and that his political activism developed recently after he attended a celebration at the White House commemorating Trump’s support of the First Step Act.

The bipartisan prison reform bill reduced sentences due to “earned good time,” and “assists former prisoners in reacclimating into society upon release.”

This tweet from Washington speaks volumes:

He also loves our constitutional rights:

Maybe he should think about running for office.

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