Hollywood Whistleblower Publishes Major Expose Connecting Globalist George Clooney To Epstein

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Behind The Illusion; George Clooney

You want to know something interesting?

There are 276 Global Intelligence files that mention George Clooney by name. You know, George Clooney, the Hollywood actor.

There are 1,507 Sony emails and documents that mention George Clooney by name. But that’s to be expected, right? I mean Sony at least pretends to be an entertainment company (spoiler, that’s not what they are at all).

There are also 98 DNC emails that mention Clooney, and 26 Podesta emails, which is noteworthy and interesting as well. To say nothing of all the State Department emails revolving around the Oscar winner. But I’m most interested in the fact that there are 276 Global Intelligence files about the dude that starred in Ocean’s 11. To me, that’s more than curious – it’s a glitch in the Matrix. A little rip in the carefully stitched fabric of the illusion. A rip, which I’m about to tear into a gravity swallowing black hole.

What Are The Global Intelligence Files

The Global Intelligence Files, published by Wikileaks, is a trove of more than five million emails from the Texas-headquartered “global intelligence” company Stratfor.

These emails reveal the inner workings of a company that fronts as an intelligence publisher (yes, it fronts as a thing that shouldn’t even be a thing), but provides confidential intelligence services to large corporations, such as Bhopal’s Dow Chemical Co., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and government agencies, including the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defense Intelligence Agency. The emails show Stratfor’s web of informers, pay-off structure, payment-laundering techniques and psychological methods.

Here’s where you may be wondering what any of that could possibly have to do with starring in movies and TV shows, attending awards ceremonies, and jetting around with Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber.

You may be wondering why an ‘intelligence publisher,’ working in service of the military industrial complex, US Government and Intelligence Agencies, is so interested in George Clooney. Why he’s being clearly and visibly tracked by Stratfor. You may be starting to suspect that, just like establishment-puppet-State-Department-CIA-shill Ellen Degeneres, George Clooney is not what he appears to be. And you’d be right.

Warning: Only read on if you are prepared to let go of all your notions of what “actors” like George Clooney really are.

So, What Is George Clooney Anyway

You’re told George Clooney is a Hollywood actor, activist and UN Ambassador, and all those things are true, in the same way that the FBI, Secret Service, and JFK were all in Dallas on November 22, 1963. These statements are true, but all of the important details are missing.

Georgie boy found his way into my crosshairs recently because of this:

When his less than flattering association with the bombshell Epstein scandal was exposed that’s what tipped the scales for me in favor of doing a full deep dive expose on the two time Oscar winner.

You see, I could spend literally all my time, researching, piecing together, and detailing for you every single Hollywood celebrity’s ties to the underbelly of a world you were never supposed to know existed.

The world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

I’m confident, however, that I won’t have to do that. That after a few of these – like my recent Ellen expose – you’ll start to get the point, it’s all an illusion. A grand illusion, crafted and held together by the George Clooney’s of the world in order to serve a global economic elite world order whose objective is to suck the lifeblood out of humanity. Needless to say, we’re tearing all that shit right the hell down.

So, as I was saying, spoiler alert, none of these false idols are remotely close to what you’ve been told they are. None. Of. Them. But, for the sake of time, I’ll just focus on the ones doing stuff like getting blow jobs from international child sex traffickers in bathrooms at random events.

‘Ghrislaine’ – in case you’ve been like off in Siberia or something the last three months – is the alleged ‘partner in crime’ of the recently suicided international child sex trafficker to the stars, Jeffrey Epstein. And the above screenshot is from the sworn deposition of victim and star witness Virginia Giuffre (Roberts), unsealed last month.

Here you can download and read the deposition for yourself.

My question is this:

For the last year, I’ve been dropping some super subtle hints about how there’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to George Clooney:

For example, how in August 2018, police shot and killed actress Vanessa Marquez, who very coincidentally had been vocally accusing George Clooney of overseeing an elaborate cover up of the culture of systemic sex abuse on the set of ER.

But I’m getting way ahead of myself here. Let’s start at the beginning to see just who George Clooney really is.

Clooney was born on May 6, 1961, in Lexington Kentucky. His mother, Nina Bruce Warren, was a beauty queen and city council woman. His father, Nick Clooney, is a former Corporal in the U.S. Army, and later a journalist, anchorman, game show host, and television host, who in 2004 ran unsuccessfully for Congress.

Nick Clooney is a member of something called the 917 society. On the website of this ‘political club’ Nick Clooney is quoted as saying he always carries his own pocket Constitution, which was given to him by the controversial Senator Robert Byrd.

Senator Byrd, by his own admission, was a member of the KKK in the 1940s. Byrd, who was a friend and mentor to George Clooney’s father was at the time of his death in 2010 the longest serving Senator. Barack Obama gave the eulogy at the funeral of this once literal klansman.

The Clooney family connections to Washington and politics at the highest level is nothing new. Fun fact, his maternal great-great-great-great-grandmother, Mary Ann Sparrow, was the half-sister of Nancy Lincoln, mother of, you guessed it, Abraham Lincoln.

Not only is Clooney related to Washington royalty, he’s not the first person in his family to make it big in entertainment.

Cabaret singer and actress Rosemary Clooney was George Clooney’s aunt, the sister of his father Nick Clooney. George’s other aunt, Betty Clooney, was also a famous singer in the 1950’s. And yet another famous singer, “You Light Up My Life” singer Debby Boone, is George’s cousin. Recall that his father was a gameshow and TV host and it almost starts to seem as if being from certain families makes it a lot easier to break into Hollywood.

Clooney was raised a strict Roman Catholic and attended Catholic schools where he served as an altar boy from the time he was young. By middle school Clooney had developed Bell’s Palsy, a type of facial paralysis. Bell’s Palsy is rare in adolescents, as it’s most commonly linked to sexually transmitted herpes and extreme stress. It’s worth noting that Clooney’s fellow United Nations and Council on Foreign Relations pal Angelia Jolie has also long struggled with Bell’s Palsy. In Clooney’s case, what with the rampant systemic child sex abuse we are learning has gone on for decades in the Catholic church and the connection between Hollywood, child sex abuse and Hollywood-linked military programs such as MK Ultra (recall Clooney’s father’s military ties), his having Bell’s Palsy as a child is certainly an interesting side note.

There are red flags from the start when it comes to Clooney’s acting career. His very first acting role came in 1978, on the television mini-series Centennial, based on a novel by one of the most well-documented C.I.A. linked novelists, James A. Michener.

The New York Times article, How the CIA Played Dirty Tricks With Culture, talks about Michener being on the CIA payroll. It’s funny to me how Clooney, coming from a background such as his, would land his very first acting gig ever on a C.I.A. sponsored production.

For those who are new to my work, my journey of exposing all the dark truths about Hollywood started when I began to find out about Hollywood’s link to our government and began lecturing about it, much to the dismay of my big Beverly Hills agents who’d have much rather I spend my time working the system I’d figured out existed. Like say, I don’t know, George Clooney. Clearly Clooney and I are not made of the same stuff.

Next Clooney studied acting with leading Scientologist Milton Katselas at his Beverly Hills Playhouse for 5 years, from 1982-1987.

In the book co-authored by the now-deceased-under-extremely-mysterious-circumstances Andrew Breitbart, Hollywood, Interrupted: Insanity Chic in Babylon — The Case Against Celebrity, Milton Katselas is discussed at length. As well as Scientology in general and it’s connection to Hollywood.

Here’s the cliff’s notes: Think of Scientology’s presence in Hollywood as an intelligence dragnet to identify those who will trade compromising secrets for power and influence.

One of the very top lieutenants of that intelligence operation, for decades, was Milton Katselas.

July 15, 2007, New York Times, ‘The Actualizer’: “Students have left Katselas’s school, the Beverly Hills Playhouse, because of the pressure they felt to join the Church of Scientology… they could not ignore how many of their classmates and teachers were Scientologists … and the assorted weirdness.”

According to Breitbart’s 2004 book Hollywood Interrupted, Scientology principles dominated at the playhouse, for example students who were sick had to report to one of the class’s ‘ethics officers’ – an idea borrowed from Scientology (and arguably, intelligence operations and Nazism).

According to one former student, “The ethics officers stand around like monitors against the wall with notepads and take notes: who’s late, who’s talking, who’s dating, who’s chewing gum.”

Another former student talks about how Katselas, his students, and his Scientology-based philosophy consumed her life, realizing by the time she left that it was a ‘cult atmosphere. It wasn’t about acting as much as a way of life. You had to do precisely what they said or you wouldn’t get ahead in your career. If you weren’t a complete disciple of their philosophy you would fail.

It’s worth noting that Katselas trained Rob Reiner, Gene Hackman, Jenna Elfman, Alec Baldwin, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tony Danza, Ted Danson, Tom Selleck, Jeffrey Tambor, among many others.

One can only assume that Clooney spent those 5 years at the Beverly Hills Playhouse proving he was willing to be the perfect puppet. After his time under Katselas, over the next decade, Clooney appeared on shows like The Facts of Life, Golden Girls and Roseanne.

Weird side note, Clooney took a picture of his man parts, and left it onset during his stint on Roseanne. Can’t help wondering, what with the Scientology influence, if Clooney was already working to build up his portfolio of compromising information, leaving little bread crumbs around for the powers that be to discover.

But, early randomly placed dick pics aside, how does one go from a guest star on The Facts of Life to owning a $20-million-dollar Los Angeles estate, a $16-million-dollar Oxfordshite mansion, a $50-million-dollar Italian villa and a $50-million-dollar Cabo San Lucas mansion recently sold to a Mexican billionaire?

What’s that transition really all about?

How much does it have to do with George’s royal DC/Hollywood family lineage, Katselas big-brother-esque-Scientology-intel tutelage and, as I will show you, Clooney’s own keen and calculated moves into the open arms of the deep state establishment? The answer is, everything.

Clooney’s star number was called when he landed the role of Dr. Doug Ross on ER.

During this time Hollywood began the certification process, giving him 2 Emmy nominations and 3 Golden Globe nominations, but not awarding him anything yet.

It’s worth looking at who Clooney was starring alongside, like Anthony Edwards, who’s recently come out about the sex abuse he suffered as an underage boy by powerful men in Hollywood. Are you starting to wonder if these people are given the big opportunities and starring roles for a reason? Because they are brought up within this system? Because when they are intentionally elevated the resulting influence they gain will be controlled?

During this time, Clooney also began his film career.

His first real film role was in the Harvey Weinstein Quentin Tarantino team up From Dusk Till Dawn. So yes, from the very beginning Clooney has been surrounded by Hollywood folks who push deep state CIA agendas. That list has grown substantially over the years to include Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle, Matt Damon, among many others, who all bear the same deep state actor/activist/campaign contributor signature.

After One Fine Day, with fellow Katselas alum Michelle Pfeiffer, Clooney ‘landed the role’ (wink wink) in the Joel ‘I’ve slept with 20,000 men’ Schumacher film Batman and Robin.

Little known fact, Batman and Robin was a Pentagon production.

It’s also worth noting Clooney’s Batman director every-day-a-new-sex-partner-Joel-Schumacher went on to direct other films with the assistance of the DOD (A Time to Kill) and the CIA (Bad Company). Similarly, the first of Schumacher’s Batman films stars Tommy Lee Jones is the cousin of Chase Brandon, the CIA’s first formal entertainment liaison officer.

Cozy, isn’t it?

And nothing like what you’ve been told.

The next year, Clooney played Captain Bosche in ‘The Thin Red Line” another Hollywood/government film.

Then came The Perfect Storm, which was, you guessed it, a joint government Hollywood production.

Wow, going all the back to Clooney’s very first role in Centennial, all the way up until The Perfect Storm, you can see a very clear pattern emerging.

Clooney Auditions for the CIA

Next, Clooney began making moves to become a real player in this system, which he either understood from the beginning or was certainly starting to figure out.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, another Miramax movie, is an adaptation of the cult memoir of Chuck Barris, a game show host who was actually CIA.

Recall the fact that Clooney’s dad Nick was a TV game show host, who got his start in the US army, went on to journalism and now works alongside Clooney meddling on the African continent (getting a little ahead of myself here but you get the point).

Much like the CIA sponsored overt propaganda piece The Recruit, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind shows The Farm (the CIA’s semi-secret agent training facility) and just like in The Recruit, the protagonist is being inducted and initiated into that covert world.

Was this a subtle nod to the power structure Clooney was climbing? A gesture as if to say, I get it. I know how all this works. I’m one of you.

Then came Good Night and Good Luck. The story centers on journalist Edward R. Murrow’s quest to bring down Joseph McCarthy. As most of you know, the CIA signature is white hot on this entire subject matter. This movie is the equivalent of porn to the establishment powers and serves to advance and re-affirm their agenda about this time in history, the players involved and the narrative they want the world to believe.

Good Night and Good Luck is a film born out of the creative relationship between George Clooney and Grant Heslov, a producer Clooney would go on to win an Oscar with for the CIA sponsored Argo just a few short years later. Curious that Clooney and Heslov chose to give a lot of public attention and approval to not just Murrow but CBS.

Many believe that in real life, Murrow wasn’t exactly the heroic counter-establishment figure he is made out to be in the film.

It’s also curious (but not) how positively CBS is portrayed, considering CBS’s deep ties to the CIA.  It’s worth noting that almost everyone involved in Good Night and Good Luck had either already made a film with CIA assistance, or went on to do so.

This moment in Clooney’s career signified an inflection point where, to the keen observer, he crossed a proverbial Rubicon and received his stamp of approval; George Clooney was a cultural influence weapon willing to be used.

Clooney & his buddy Matt Damon in “Syriana”

It’s all the more telling than when in 2006 Clooney next starred in Syriana. CIA veteran Robert Baer and his books on his time with the agency and covert operations were the basis for Syriana.

Baer’s been quoted as saying, “All these people that run studios – they go to Washington, they hang around with senators, they hang around with CIA directors, and everybody’s on board.”

Trisha Jenkins, noted expert on CIA Hollywood connection, said, “There are some uglier portrayals, like in the movie “Syriana,” which features George Clooney as Bob Barnes, a CIA officer tasked with assassinating a Middle Eastern leader. Unless you read the fine credits at the end of a film, you’d have no idea you just watched a movie produced with CIA help.”

According to the New York Times, “Syriana” is one of the season’s offerings that “have overt social purposes and activist campaigns attached to their movies.”

Syriana earned Clooney his first Academy Award just ten short years, nearly to the day, after Harvey Weinstein gave him his first big break in film.

2006 was also the year Clooney and Barack Obama became powerfully allied Hollywood/Washington friends.

“If Senator Obama became presidential candidate Obama it would be the most electrifying thing to happen to the Democratic party since Kennedy,” Clooney wrote to the Los Angeles Times in October 2006—two years before the one-term senator ran for president.

Are you beginning to see how it all works?

Fairly simple, isn’t it. Almost frustrating we haven’t seen it sooner, but then again, we haven’t been working with as much information as we now possess. The picture is becoming incredibly clear.

Clooney’s Gushing Ode To the CIA/Deep State Machine; The Men Who Stare at Goats

The Men Who Stare at Goats was such a natural next, and frankly brilliant, move considering where Clooney was at this point. I want to be clear that CIA has not acknowledged, as of yet, they were involved with this film…. buuuut:

  1. The original documentary it’s based on was made in conjunction with the CIA.
  2. This is the exact kind of movie the CIA would assist.
  3. The CIA technical consultants listed as having worked on the film, were employed by the Pentagon at the time they were working on the film, which means they would have had to have government approval to do so. The producers, Clooney among them, must have had Pentagon permission for this to occur. In other words, this was a CIA sponsored film.
  4. Parts of the movie were filmed at the New Mexico Military Institute, a government-funded military college. Like all Pentagon installation, you cannot film there without their permission. For this type of permission, you must submit your script to the Office of Film Liaisons, if approved the producers must enter into a production agreement whereby the government is given line by line control of not just the military scenes, but the whole of the script in its entirety.
  5. There is a military technical advice firm listed in the credits
  6. This military technical advice firm specializes in films with DOD/CIA involvement.
  7. Made by “Overture Films,” a production and distribution company who’ve since been shut down and turned into Relativity Media, a company that turns out DOD/CIA films like no other.
  8. The screenwriter is highly involved in the CIA Hollywood world.

Loosely based on Jon Ronson’s book of the same name, The Men Who Stare at Goats is about the esoteric and occult in relation to spy craft.

It tells the story of a journalist who is inducted into the world of psychic soldiers during the Iraq war.

The movie goes on to explain some of the history behind the First Earth Battalion, an experimental Pentagon unit, the film leaves out only by name MKULTRA and similar CIA projects and experiments with these very aims.

In the film, Kevin Spacey plays the CIA head of essentially the MK Ultra division, specializing in trafficking in secrets and so-called human potential, and is described as a failed fiction writer in a not so subtle nod to L. Ron Hubbard, the founded of Scientology.

It was shortly after this film, in 2010, that the now Oscar winner Clooney was invited to join the Council on Foreign Relations

The Council on Foreign Relations, for anyone who doesn’t know, is an elite power structure, filled with unelected journalists and Hollywood and Silicon Valley shills who in lock step with the State Department make foreign policy decisions, completely outside the purview and checks and balances of the democratic process. I mentioned all these people are unelected, right? Just checking.

At the same time he was dipping his toes into the CFR cesspool, he also became involved with John Prendergast, noted Soros funded, deep state agent who fomented genocide in Rwanda.

It was at this point that Hollywood actor George Clooney became “an expert” on the subject of and deeply involved in the politics and wars on the African continent.

Next Came the Underage Sex Parties, Naturally

It was also in 2010 when George attended parties with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berusconi, described as elite orgies where male guests dressed as nuns and preformed stripteases, and where Berlusconi is accused of raping a minor. George was called as a witness in Silvio’s Berlusconi’s rape trial in Milan for paying an underage prostitute for sex.

Berlusconi is accused of paying cash and jewels to have underage girls, very likely trafficked for sex from all we’re now learning from unsealed Epstein documents, at his so-called “Bunga Bunga” parties in 2010. Parties that newly minded CFR member Clooney also attended.

Hope for Haiti Now

The deeper you dig the more you understand that 2010 was Clooney’s year zero. Remember when Clooney, alongside Mockingbird Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper, in the wake of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, organized a telethon called Hope for Haiti Now, raising over $60 million dollars that was funneled to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, the UN, OxFam and the Red Cross and not a dime reached Haiti? Cause the cabal remembers. This, my fair-hearted friends, is their love language; stealing from the poor and giving to the rich.

As you can see, the road to Oz does exist. It’s not paved with yellow bricks, but skulls engraved with instructions like ‘shill for the CIA,’ ‘attend elite child sex parties,’ and ‘use humanitarian disasters to enrich powerful political elites.’

George Clooney had become an agent of influence.

George Clooney, Agent of Influence

Being born into the right family and with his start at a Scientology intel nest, followed by his long list of CIA approved and sponsored projects culminating in his overture, “The Men Who Stare at Goats,” jaunts to elite orgies, and “Haiti relief” mass financial scam all in the bag, Clooney was actively and openly sucking up to the global institutions, other elite puppets and puppet masters running the world.

This is how it’s all worked for a very long time.

It’s obvious that by 2010, Clooney’s self-initiation into the world of intelligence agencies and higher politics was complete.

Clooney and John Kerry
Clooney and John Bolton

If there’s one thing that’s most important to understand it’s this:

Politics is downstream from culture.

In order to influence politics, people who know what they’re doing start with culture. Influence on popular culture is what they want.

By influencing culture, you influence the world.

Those willing to facilitate this dynamic, like George-I’ll-shill-for-you-Clooney, unbeknownst to an unsuspecting population, make films and geo-political moves in order to stand up and identify themselves as agents of influence.

By this moment in his career, Clooney was obviously very well aware of how this system works and was making a series of bold moves to elevate himself within this global power structure.


Is it at all reasonable to believe that someone who has demonstrated an absolute willingness to covertly align interests with the CIA and elite power nexus that gave us MK ultra, Project Mockingbird, Nazism, and all our wars and genocides, suddenly became an actual activist and humanitarian?

No silly goose, a billion times, no.

The truth is that early CIA involvement in Darfur went largely unreported, and with George Clooney’s entering the PR fray over the African continent, he was being given more responsibility. Could he shape geo-political narrative on this scale on behalf of the global power establishment? Maybe he could, especially with a little help from dear old dad.

George and father Nick Clooney, in Darfur

In exchange for using his cult of celebrity to control what people believe is happening there, George Clooney is in fact being paid by the world’s top two war profiteers, Lockheed-Martin and Boeing, to oppose war profiteering by Africans disloyal to the global power establishment’s agenda.

So, a UN Messenger of Peace secretly working on behalf of Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, CIA, and warmongering global elite. Nice. Just lovely.

These stunning facts and complete reversals are so emblematic of the false world we’ve been living in.

David Swanson of WorldBeyondWar.org says, “It turns out Clooney opposes, not war profiteering in general, but war profiteering while African.”

Swanson goes on to explain how, “Clooney’s new organization, “The Sentry,” is part of The Enough Project, which is part of the Center for American Progress, which is a leading backer of “humanitarian” wars, and various other wars for that matter — and which is funded by the world’s top war profiteer, Lockheed Martin, and by number-two Boeing, among other war profiteers.”

“According to Clooney’s group the killing in the Congo happens “despite years of international attention,” not because of it. Clooney’s organization also promotes this argument for more U.S. warmaking in the DRC from Kathryn Bigelow, best known for producing the CIA propaganda film Zero Dark Thirty.”

Add all this to the fact that, Swanson points out, “Clooney’s wife, incidentally, works for U.S.-friendly dictators and brutal killers in places like Bahrain and Libya,” and well things all start to make a lot of sense.

Angela Merkel, George & Amal Clooney

Since becoming a bona fide deep state asset Clooney has been involved in Darfur through the NGO he founded with John Prendergast, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Don Cheadle which was first called Not On Our Watch, but later changed its name to The Sentry.

Deep state puppet Don Cheadle’s recent SNL appearance

Clooney’s co-founder of the Sentry, John Prendergast, founder of the Soros-funded Enough Project and former Africa director for the National Security Council, find himself awkwardly in a debate with an informed person here.

I do recommend watching the full debate, it’s highly entertaining watching Prendergast squirm and flail, but if you don’t have time I’ve clipped the best parts for you in which you’ll quickly understand what’s really going on here.

Spoiler alert: Clooney and company are not the good guys. They are the warmongering military industrial complex, owned by the soulless elite cabal, all disguised as humanitarians by lovely sounding NGOs.

And like the good little cabal puppet Clooney has become, what’s he doing now? Why he’s founding NGO after NGO after NGO.

Most recently, he and John Prendergast founded the Satellite Sentinel Project, ‘a satellite warning system’ to ‘detect mass atrocities’ in South Sudan. Combine all this with his push for regime change and Clooney is now essentially operating as one with the CIA.

Clooney’s shilling for the global elites began to pay off in dividends in 2013 when Argo, the CIA sponsored Ben Affleck movie he co-produced beat CIA sponsored Zero Dark Thirty for Best Picture. That was the year, in my humble opinion, the cabal peaked.

Clooney & The Global Intelligence Files

Let’s end where we began, those 276 Stratfor emails mentioning Clooney, and wondering why an intelligence publisher working on behalf of the military industrial complex and the US government was keeping such close tabs on a Hollywood actor. Now we have a much better idea, don’t we?

Startfor works on behalf of factions of the US Government as well as major military industrial complex companies, such at Boeing and Lockheed. There are 276 Stratfor files on George Clooney because Stratfor is, quite literally, tracking their asset for them.

Remember that Sudan satellite project of Clooney’s? Yeah well, looks like the UN and Google are involved too.

There was a press report that “Clooney was robbed in Sudan by child soldiers with assault rifles.” This internal Stratfor email sharing the press report remarks “I’m shocked!” at the news. One has to wonder if this quip is sarcastic, as it almost appears, which isn’t dicey or suspicious at all.

Here the State Department is discussing a meeting with Clooney and George Soros backed John Prendergast.

Another State Department email discussing yet another meeting with the Hollywood actor.

Add to all this the fact, which we just learned from the Grassley report, that all state department emails were being copied, in real time, to an email address of a Chinese corporation and things start to get really interesting.

Folks, I could go on and on, and suggest that you take a little time to go through some of the many Clooney emails on Wikileaks yourself. It’s easy to see Clooney is a ruse without even mentioning tons of other red flags, like, for example Clooney’s Sony/State Department stamp of approval, when (in the below email exchange) the Undersecretary of the State Department was talking with Sony CEO Michael Linton about how George Clooney is one Hollywood star that can be counted on to covertly push State Department agendas onto the American public…

Or how his first wife Talia Balsam was born of Hollywood Van Patten royalty with both deep state and deep Scientology ties. Even if I don’t get into all that, you can clearly see that George Clooney has made a career out of being willing to be handled.

In the old world, the one crumbling before their very eyes, the puppets reigned supreme. Now however, as the curtain is being pulled back, the world is seeing through these shills and stooges, how it’s all worked, and the human atrocities, both physical and psychological, that have been created by being blinded by these ‘celebrity agents of influence.’ And we’re tearing it all down, brick by brick, starting with shiny objects like Clooney.

To those here reading this, you’re one of the millions of wide awake people on this planet actively annihilating the old-world-order, in real time, with nothing but our minds, and I applaud you! I encourage you to share this information with everyone you know. It’s up to us to wake the others so we can finally have real stuff instead of all this fake junk.

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