NYT Kavanaugh Disaster: Democrats Now Turning On Radical Left Coup Agenda

Posted by on September 17, 2019 11:54 am
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Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough took issue with recent comments made by Senator Kamala Harris after the Democratic hopeful reacted to a controversial New York Times report about new and unverified allegations of sexual misconduct made by Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh from events that occurred roughly 35 years ago.

Harris notably claimed that she thinks we have to believe the victims in these sort of cases. Scarborough believes that take is far too broad and missing a keyword: “allleged.”

Scarborough opened with “I heard Kamala Harris say we have to believe the victims,” before chiding Harris with “as a prosecutor she really should put an alleged in front of the word victims, especially in the case in the New York Times essay, the baffling essay, the baffling editing process that they put forward.”

He clarified “because, if you believed the alleged victim in the alleged incident, the alleged victim in the alleged incident doesn’t even remember the alleged incident occurring. So if Kamala Harris is believing the, quote, victim, the alleged victim, the alleged victim says, I don’t ever remember that happening, according to friends. So I’m just — again, for a lawyer, I’m confused.”

For good measure he reiterated his harsh critique of the Grey Lady from Monday, noting how this news cycle is “coming after a New York Times essay over this weekend that, again, even the most liberal of liberals are scratching their heads at how badly The New York Times botched that.”

Watch above via MSNBC.