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Whistleblower complaint on Ukraine call has been declassified, GOP lawmaker says

Rep. Chris Stewart, Rep. Jim Jordan and Ed Henry discuss the whistleblower complaint and the Democrats’ case for impeachment.

Utah Republican Rep. Chris Stewart announced on Fox News’ “Ingraham Angle” and on social media late Wednesday that the explosive whistleblower complaint concerning President Trump’s July call with Ukraine’s leader has been declassified.

“I encourage you all to read it,” Stewart tweeted. The complaint was not immediately available to the public.

The fact a document has been declassified does not mean it has been made public, but it does increase the likelihood of the document being released.

“It’s been declassified and it’s been released,” Stewart told anchor Laura Ingraham. “So it should be available for everyone to go and look at, and I encourage everyone to go and look at it.”  Stewart added that he has viewed the complaint, and was initially “anxious” before viewing the complaint, but now is “much more confident than I was this morning that this is going to go nowhere. … there are just no surprises there.”

He continued, “The entirety of it is focused on this one thing, and that’s the transcript of one phone call, the transcript that was released this morning.”

Lawyers for the whistleblower – a member of the intelligence community – confirmed to Fox News on Wednesday that the whistleblower wanted to testify before Congress and was waiting on possible guidance from acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire, the lawyers said. Maguire is set to testify himself on Thursday.

Fox News is told there was serious conversation among lawmakers as to how far Maguire could go in an open session at the hearing tomorrow. One source tells Fox News they may have declassified the document so it could be discussed publicly during the hearing.

A bipartisan select group of intelligence committee lawmakers in the House and Senate, who have been demanding details of the whistleblower’s complaint, gained access to the document in a classified setting earlier Wednesday ahead of Maguire’s testimony.

The news came as President Trump has continued his push for transparency in the matter. Earlier in the day, the White House released a transcript of Trump’s July call with Zelensky, showing Trump sought a review of Biden family dealings in the country.

But the transcript also did not demonstrate that Trump leveraged military aid to Ukraine to obtain a “promise” on a Biden investigation, as a widely cited report in The Washington Post had claimed.

At the press conference, Trump specifically called attention to a little-discussed CNN report from May, which described how Democratic Sens. Robert Menendez, Dick Durbin, and Patrick Leahy pushed Ukraine’s top prosecutor not to close four investigations perceived as critical to then-Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe — and, by Democrats’ current logic, seemingly implied that their support for U.S. aid to Ukraine was at stake.

“The Democrats have done what they’re accusing me of doing,” Trump said.

The Democratic senators wrote in a letter to Ukraine’s leader at the time: “In four short years, Ukraine has made significant progress in building [democratic] institutions despite ongoing military, economic, and political pressure from Moscow. We have supported [the] capacity-building process and are disappointed that some in Kyiv appear to have cast aside these [democratic] principles to avoid the ire of President Trump.”

The senators called for the top prosecutor to “reverse course and halt any efforts to impede cooperation with this important investigation.”

The Post’s Marc Thiessen initially flagged the letter on Tuesday, calling it evidence of a “double standard” among Democrats.

“Senator Chris Murphy literally threatened the president of Ukraine that if he doesn’t do things right, they won’t have Democrat support in Congress,” Trump added.

That was a reference to the Connecticut Democrat’s comments at a bipartisan meeting in Kiev earlier this month when Murphy called U.S. aid the “most important asset” of Ukraine — then issued a warning.

“I told Zelensky that he should not insert himself or his government into American politics,” Murphy said, according to The Hill. “I cautioned him that complying with the demands of the President’s campaign representatives to investigate a political rival of the President would gravely damage the U.S.-Ukraine relationship. There are few things that Republicans and Democrats agree on in Washington these days, and support for Ukraine is one of them.”


Responding to Trump’s statements, Murphy said that “in the meeting Republican Senator Ron Johnson and I had with President Zelensky three weeks ago, I made it clear to him that Ukraine should not become involved in the 2020 election and that his government should communicate with the State Department, not the president’s campaign. I still believe this to be true.”

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