RED ALERT! Trump’s Senior Adviser: This Is An Attempted Overthrow By Marxists & Socialists

Posted by on October 2, 2019 12:39 pm
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On today’s show we notice a new trend in the Democratic media to label the Department of Justice’s investigation into the origins of the Russia hoax a “conspiracy theory.” Also, why don’t Democrats care about abuses of American’s civil liberties by the intelligence community? Elizabeth Warren shares her alleged “#MeToo” moment, and Harvard is still free to discriminate against Asians.

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Journalists for the Democratic Party are getting out in front of the upcoming Inspector General’s report on the origins of the spying on the Trump campaign by declaring the concept of there having been anything untoward as a “conspiracy theory.” There are very specific reasons for it, and their preemptive attacks on Attorney General Barr’s similar investigation, and anything related to looking into how Joe Biden’s son landed sweet, high-paying gigs from foreign entities. Meanwhile, Maxine Waters wants President Trump thrown in prison because she doesn’t like him. We get into all of it.

As Elizabeth Warren surges in the polls, she tells her alleged “#MeToo” story from her early days as a law professor. But she doesn’t name the guy who allegedly did it. Why not? We get into it and the latest declaration by a Warren supporter that supporting Bernie Sanders over his is sexist.

A police officer in Virginia was suspended for informing ICE about an illegal alien who skipped his court date, and Harvard’s discriminatory admissions policy that penalizes Asian applicants is still legal. We get into how progressives love racism and how the real problem is the failing education system in Democrat-controlled cities.

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