Trump Drops The Bomb: Schiff Is Fraud & Helped Write Whistleblower Complaint

Posted by on October 2, 2019 9:16 pm
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Trump Slams Schiff Amid NY Times Bombshell Report: ‘Schiff is a Fraud and He Helped Write the Whistleblower Complaint’ (VIDEO)

Cristina Lailaby Cristina LailaOctober 2, 2019


President Trump called House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff a fraud following the NY Times bombshell report that Schiff learned about the Deep State CIA spy’s accusations against Trump several days before the officer filed a whistleblower complaint.

Trump took it a step further and said that Schiff helped write the whistleblower complaint.

Trump received the New York Times story on Schiff on Wednesday as he gave a joint press conference with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö.

“I love that question! It shows that Schiff is a fraud,” Trump said in response to a White House reporter asking about the latest New York Times bombshell report on Schiff.

“Well I think it’s a scandal that he knew before — I will go a step further — I think he probably helped write it — okay, that’s what the word is,” Trump said praising the New York Times for reporting the Schiff bombshell. “He [Schiff] knew long before and he helped write it too — it’s a scam! It’s a scam!”


The Deep State spook filed a complaint on August 12 based on second-hand knowledge and hearsay of Trump’s July 25 phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, so Schiff had knowledge of the accusations and worked discreetly for up to two weeks.


Just days after the whistleblower filed a claim of wrongdoing by President Trump, an aide to Schiff flew to Ukraine.

So Schiff knew about the accusations well before the CIA spy filed a whistleblower complaint and planned accordingly.

Now Schiff is claiming he doesn’t know the identity of the whistleblower.

Schiff went into panic mode Wednesday afternoon and claimed he has never met with or spoken to the whistleblower — in fact, Schiff claimed he doesn’t even know the identity of the whistleblower!


via The Gateway Pundit