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Former Google employee and whistleblower Zachary Voorhees appeared on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with host Rebecca Mansour Friday to discuss Google’s relationship with Communist China in DeepMind, which has been called the “AI Manhattan Project.”

Google whistleblower and former software developer at the tech firm, Zachary Voorhees, appeared on Breitbart News Tonight recently to discuss Google’s relationship with China and the company’s AI projects being developed overseas.

Breitbart News Tonight host and Breitbart News Senior Editor Rebecca Mansour asked Voorhees during the interview: “Zach, I want to ask you a question about something we alluded to earlier with China… Google has gotten in trouble in the past for doing business with the Communist government of China and I wanted to ask you were those efforts ongoing when you were with the company? Can you give us any insight into that? Because it was quite troubling.”

Voorhees replied: “Yeah, so Google bought this AI company called DeepMind, let me just put it in plain language what that is, DeepMind was creating a god-like AI system that is able to ingest the available public information on the internet and make sense of it. Think of it like Amazon Alexa except much much much more intelligent. This AI system was moved out of the UK I believe and placed into China and it’s been dubbed the AI Manhattan Project.”

Voorhees continued to say: “Peter Thiel, he accused Google of acting in a treasonous way, this is how serious this project is. It’s the most sophisticated and advanced AI project in the world made by an American company and placed in China.” Mansour noted that Google was placing this AI project in a country with numerous human rights violations and asked if this AI was going to be used for surveillance of citizens.

Voorhees stated: “When people think of surveillance they usually think of country surveillance, this is planetary surveillance of all information that is available on the surface web and also any sources that it can get in the deep web and utilizing Google’s extensive deep analysis of its book scanning stuff. So think of the Library of Alexandria of all available websites that you can search for and all that data gets fused together and a decision-making process gets formed because of that. This is essentially what the Google DeepMind project is all about.”
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