Posted: October 18, 2019
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Dallas Fake News Media Sensationalizes "Gunman With Body Armor & Infowars T-Shirt" At Trump Rally


Gunman Wearing Body Armor Arrested Outside Trump Dallas Rally….

President Donald J. Trump’s “magic wand” is much moar than amazing. He has the “left” exposing themselves in droves to be just exactly what they have always claimed “we” are. We already know that they think projection will never let them down, but it does and lately it has become more and more obvious.

But people do in fact “look away”, and it isn’t mainstreamed as news, real news. Instead, it is “us” who are deemed and accepted by many millions as being what the crazed leftists are.

Hateful, racist, bigoted, murderous, and evil fascists. Filled with the phake rage of their phake ideologies, with not one of them truly on the same page. Filled with indoctrination and insanity and obviously with a blood lust to take us out. Andrew Breitbart was right, it’s #WAR.

We need to take control of the narrative and spread the truth far and wide… to those who refuse to see it and always “look away”.

It’s far past time and now’s our chance. We will never be able to “fix” the human condition, but we can surely help define it at this point so that others may better understand what most of us have likely known for a very long time.

This sick radical leftist extremism must be exposed and truthfully documented historically as a danger as grave as a “government” that would cultivate it and use it against the decent to the point of near-universal acceptance.

Just the human condition’s opinion. Carry on soldiers… may the Creator be with you all.

via The Last Refuge

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