Investigator: 2016; Hillary Clinton Paid For A Conspiracy Theory & Rolled It Into A Coup

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“This Is Twice as Ludicrous as the Original Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax Witch Hunt” VIDEO

Gregg Jarrett Schools Neil Cavuto on Schiff’s Secret Basement Probe: “This Is Twice as Ludicrous as the Original Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax Witch Hunt” VIDEO

Jim Hoft
October 30, 2019

FOX News legal expert and author Gregg Jarrett joined Trump-hater Neil Cavuto Wednesday morning on FOX Business Network.

Cavuto invited Jarrett on to promote his latest best seller, “Witch Hunt, The Story of the Greatest Mass Delusion in American Political History”, and to pepper him with questions on the latest Trump witch hunt.

Gregg Jarrett had this to say on the latest Democrat Party attempt to impeach the US president,

Gregg Jarrett: “In my recent column I call Adam Schiff sort of the “poor man’s Harry Houdini, an illusionist with cheap parlor tricks.” He’s trying to fool Americans that opinion is evidence and facts are not. The facts are contained in the transcript and the statement of the two participants in the transcript, Zelensky and Trump. There’s no quid pro quo, no pressure, no demand…

Neil Cavuto: (interrupting) But now there are people who believe that the transcript was maybe not entirely accurate?

Gregg Jarrett: Yeah, so if you have an auto accident with 20 witnesses, then you are going to have 20 versions of it. So Lt. Colonel Vindman says, “Well, that’s not how I remember the conversation.”

Cavuto: But he was listening in on the call.

Jarrett: Yeah, he was but he’s offering his interpretation. He’s saying I didn’t think it was proper. That’s an opinion. Opinion is not fact. Facts are stated in the transcript itself. And somebody came up to me in the train station and said, “I read this transcript. What’s wrong with it?” And that’s the fundamental question…

Neil Cavuto: Is your whole thing that if you fail with Mueller, you’re going to fail with this, Democrats?

Gregg Jarrett: I actually think this is twice as ludicrous as the original Trump-Russia collusion hoax and witch hunt.

Cavuto did not like to hear that. The rest of the interview was Cavuto trashing Trump and Jarrett sounding rational and calm as he refuted every attack.

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