MUST WATCH: Trump’s Historian Receives Death Threats For Publishing Book About His Presidency

Posted by on November 29, 2019 12:10 pm
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Fascinating Interview – Presidential Historian Doug Wead Discusses His Book About The Trump Presidency…

I also read AmericanThinker, and noticed at least TWO articles today, specifically referenced CTH and Sundance, always great to see!

Just watched the interview, and can’t do more than reiterate whats already said;
FASCINATING interview, MUST WATCH, covers a lot of ground, and as an ‘independant’ view, from a Presidential historian, he confirms EVERYTHING treepers percieve, about PDJT, the nature of the,swamp, etc.

Watched Saving Private,Ryan, again recently. At one point someone said;
D-DAY was THE defining moment of the 20th century, when average Americans stood up, and sacrificed to defend the world from fascism” or, something to that effect.

Made me wonder, will Nov. 2016 be seen as a similar defining moment, for THIS century, or is our defining moment yet to come. If yet to come, its coming soon!

I can feel it in the air, tonite,…Oh, Lord!
Can YOU feel it in the air tonite?,…Oh, Lord, Oh Lord!

Song just keeps playing in my head!

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