Against all Odds – Three FBI Officials Quietly Working to Reveal the Truth…

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I’m not sure exactly who they are, and there’s a possibility they might just be one person; however, it appears there are three distinct FBI officials engaged in an overall investigative capacity, attempting to break the truth through the corrupt machinery.

Each individual is noted within a specific event or outcome. Hopefully AG Bill Barr has tasked his deputy James Rosen to hold an honest ‘climate assessment‘ discussion with these individuals.

♦The first honorable FBI Agent is the FBI official who enhanced the DOJ sentencing memo for James Wolfe. The DOJ prosecution, namely DC U.S. Attorney Jessie K Liu -possibly following instructions from Rod Rosenstein- was trying to cover-up the classified intelligence leak of SSCI Security Director James Wolfe in order to protect powerful Senators.

One FBI agent was obviously not happy with that DOJ leadership decision and seeded the DOJ ‘sentencing memo’ with a key sentence that exposed the cover-up:

For him or her we are thankful. That sunlight, though unsuccessful in stopping the corrupt cover-up, provided just enough undeniable evidence to highlight the severity of a cover-up initiated by those running the DOJ in 2018.

We note everyone associated with that decision has since been removed.

♦The second FBI official to note, might actually be a key top-level DOJ official – though that seems less likely. The second FBI official is however high ranking. The high ranking FBI position is likely because the top level security clearance was needed for this FBI agent to travel to CIA headquarters and review the CIA operation file on Carter Page.


The CIA file on Carter Page included a copy of the return memo to the FBI outlining Mr. Page as a source for CIA information involving various Russian individuals. That CIA return memo was edited by corrupt FBI lead lawyer Kevin Clinesmith to hide Page’s action on behalf of the CIA.

The FBI Agent who saw that memo in Page’s file then compared it to the memo in the FBI operational file on Carter Page. The difference on the exact same memo between the CIA file and the FBI file led to the discovery of Clinesmith manipulating internal documents to frame Carter Page.  That Senior FBI officer is another truth-teller.

♦The third FBI agent, perhaps a career FBI administrative officer, who is clearly working to bring sunlight despite being surrounded by corruption, was involved in the actual text writing of the IG FISA abuse report itself.

Whether on assignment for the FISA review, or whether an administrative investigator attached to the Office of Inspector General, this isn’t the first time we have noticed a very specific inclusion of word choices that helped bring sunlight to an intentionally opaque report.

CTH will not identify the signs, except to say that each of them was/is irrelevant for the context of the written text. However, their inclusion was/is an obvious breadcrumb trail from inside the machine.

♦ I share this research perspective publicly, optimistically, because not everyone is corrupted. However, the non-corrupt middle-tier appear to be working to expose the truth against the efforts of the top-tier FBI offices trying to bury it.

I’m certain if the top tier was cleared out (with an aggressive posture) those middle-tier honest-brokers could greatly help AG Bill Barr…. IF, Barr is genuinely disposed therein.

However, AG Bill Barr’s continued defense and support for FBI Director Chris Wray, Deputy FBI Director David Bowditch and FBI legal counsel Dana Boente; in addition to his former -perhaps reformed- impression of U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu, runs counter to the honest administration of justice.

2020 is only five days away….

It’s time for Attorney General Bill Barr to start calling the baby ugly.

Bill Barr will either be part of the solution, or he’ll endeavor to covering up the problem out of some misguided loyalty to those corrupt officials around him… there really is no middle ground.

Truth ain’t complicated!




Consider, and note: Brandon Van Grack is still working for AG Bill Barr…

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