🚨 Breaking: Iran Threatens Assassination Of Trump & Attack On Whitehouse

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Tonight at 9pm EST, Pete Santilli & Ann Vandersteel break a MAJOR INTERNATIONAL NEWS STORY:

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Hillary Clinton & Ukrainian Oligarch Shipped Iran Steel Potentially Used For Enrichment Of Nuclear Centrifuges

Good As Dead, Iranian Regime, Puts Bounty On Trump’s Head Of A Measly $80,000,000

OPINION| Mark Sidney|  The leaders of the radical Islamic Republic of Iran must be crapping their … whatever it is that they wear, right now.Why do I think this?  Well, first a quick recap of the events leading up this:On New Years Eve, forces, allegedly lead by Iran’s terror proxy army, Hezbollah, had the terrible judgement to overrun the United States embassy in Iraq.  This gentleman, was said to be leading the ‘protests’.  His name is Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, founder and leader of Kata’ib Hizballah.

Hadi Ameri also, just so happened to have been a guest of President Obama, in the Oval Office during his tenure.

By the way, those yellow flags you see in the picture are the flag of ‘Hizballah’ or ‘Hezbollah.’

Next, Trump, who is not one to let Americans, nor their interests, be slapped around by radical jihadists, took swift action.

On Friday, January 3rd, Trump ordered a precision strike that took out the man who is reportedly the top General of Iran’s al-Quds Force, a mass murderer by the name of Qassim Soleimani, as well as Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, who is said to be the deputy commander of Popular Mobilization Forces, an allegedly Iranian backed militia.  5 others were killed in the strike as well.

However, Trump was not done heaping punishment upon the Islamic regime for their role in the destruction of our embassy.  The next day Trump ordered a strike which took out a few more of Iran’s command.

We Are Biased’s Lawrence David reported on the 3rd: ‘Immediate reports have identified Qais Khazali and Shibl al-Zaydi as having been killed during the strike.

U.S. sources said that Qais Khazali had been responsible for the recent attack on the US Embassy in ‘Baghdad.  Shibl was the leader of Kata’ib al-Imam Ali or the Imam Ali Battalions.’

Then, last night we learned that the Iraqi Parliament had called an ‘extraordinary session’ as the New York Times called it, for Sunday (today).  Reports are suggesting that the ‘Deputy Parliament Speaker’ vowed to ‘“decisive decisions that put an end to US presence inside Iraq”

After the strikes, it seemed that Iran, like most nations, was divided.  While many took to Twitter, and the streets, to celebrate the death of the brutal killer, Soleimani, others gathered in public and, according to the Gateway Pundit, and other news outlets, and chanted their familiar refrain of ‘Death To America!’

Now, today, the desperate Iranian cabal held a a service of sorts for the fallen General, Soleimani. Thousands of people took to the streets.   Whether they were there under their free will or by direction of the totalitarian, Sharia Law enforcing regime, it is not clear.

During the event the Iranian Government, who is most likely constantly looking to the sky, waiting, for death to come from above, offered up measly $80 million dollars to anyone who could could kill President Trump.

Via Hanif Jazayeri.

I guess the regime must be hard up for cash if all they can muster is 80 million for the head of the global populist revolution, the most power man in global politics in decades, in my view, Donald Trump.

This also raises some interesting questions.  Let’s assume someone is successful, God forbid, and is able to claim this reward.

Will they be paid with money from the pallets of cash that President Obama’s team flew Iran in the dead of night?

Would that make Obama, and the people in his administration responsible for ignoring the international sanctions in order to send Iran $1,700,000,000 in CASH, accessories to the murder of the President of the United States of America? 

For reference, this is what a billion dollars in USD looks like:

Why on Earth did Obama ally with Iran in the first place?

Why was John Kerry ADMITTED to counseling the Iranian leadership, reportedly concerning how to deal with Trump, at the very least concerning Obama’s Iranian Nuclear Deal?

Is these actions are not Treason, misprision of treason, or at the very least, a serious violation of the Logan Act?

Finally, the one big question is, WHEN are any one of these neocon, Obama admin, or DS traitors every going to face justice?

I think if we want to save this republic, we need to FORCE the administration to take action.  We need to get vocal and assemble in public, demanding that the saboteurs within the nation are held accountable.

I am not talking about people with whom we disagree, everyone has a right to express their discontent with the government, this is what makes America great.  We can in NO WAY infringe on people’s God given rights to voice their disagreements with the President, the government, or the actions of either.

However, when you have members of the power structure working WITH America’s enemies AGAINST America and it’s President, there MUST be consequences, or the action shall not cease until America is completely destroyed and conquered.

What, non violent, action to you propose we take in order to force the Trump administration to hold those who have been working against America accountable?

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